343 needs to add a permanent playlist via polls

The lack of playlists in halo 5 is really unfortunate and disappointing, and yet 343 requires playlists to be voted multiple times in the weekend playlists in order for them to consider adding it as a permanent game mode. What 343 really needs to do is include a poll with a list of 5+ game modes every 3 weeks. The top 2-3 playlists (depending on how many they include in the poll) get to permanently have their own standalone playlist. As it is, people want different modes every week and at this rate, there won’t be any permanent game modes that 343 can add because of it. Hopefully we can all suggest this to 343 so they can do this sooner than later.

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Everyone needs to start looking into this thread before it dies out.

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Please, don’t let this idea be buried down the rest of the threads.

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As of right now, Doubles is losing by a decent margin and it is being beaten by Rumble Rockets, arguably the most frustrating and boring playlist. 343 should’ve brought back team action sack in TMCC format.

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The reason why I say this is that now Doubles won’t be a perma playlist because of this. My method of adding in more permanent playlists is less demanding and arguably more appealing. Additionally, 343 should give more than a week with this poll because it may take time for other forum members to come to Waypoint and vote. It also gives time for gaming outlets to spread the news.

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It takes a long time for 343i to use the community’s ideas if they ever do.

They know what we want, I expect it right before Christmas

Snipers, infection, doubles, griffball, action sack, rockets, these should all just become permanent playlists. There are definitely some other good ones out there also 343 just needs to put them all in and get rid of the vote for your favorite. Just let players play the game types the want.