343 Making Flight Tests Every Week Till Launch?

Can we all come together and agree there should be tests every weekend till launch?
Also, why not make the game entirely playable throughout the week in Training Mode so we can get used to the game?
Do you think it’s a good idea to release patches for our pre-release builds that showcase the changes 343 is making?

These are my questions Spartans!



I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave the shooting range open, I wouldn’t be mad if they did, but I personally feel like leaving it open kind of ruins a little bit of the feel. You know, a game drops and you get to experience most of it for the first time, granted we’ve had the range for the duration of the flights, that’s why I wouldn’t be mad. I just feel like people would kind of make themselves numb to the mode before the game came out.

As for the flights happening every weekend, I don’t know how I feel about that. On the one side, we can test small things, but on the other do we need to do that much testing? Flights typically get most of the big issues squashed out from being made live and public, so most of the issues should have been reported (assuming people actually reported their issues instead of thinking someone else will do it instead, since some issues can be specific to types of computers or setups or even console to console. They can often be a bit unique person to person.)

If we’re asking for flights every weekend then some who prefer to do things in small doses might oversaturate themselves before the game comes out, meaning they might not touch it for awhile (or if you’re like my one friend, years).

Personally I don’t see any real issues with doing the flights every weekend, but I just don’t see a need.

I would love to have Training Mode be open until launch. Even if it’s single-player against bots I’d play the crap out of it and come into launch swinging. Some others may get burned out on it for a while but I think if they added a couple more maps to the fray as well as the rest of the weapons, training mode would keep me happy until December 8th. I do hope they have another flight for BTB and add some of the Ranked Arena.

Preparing builds and having services available takes a lot of staff and resources. To have one every weekend I don’t think would be feasible for 343, certainly not this close to launch.

Official Halo Twitter still putting out the registration for more flights, so I definitely think it’s possible.
Sauce: https://twitter.com/Halo/status/1445097638257471488?s=20

it would be awesome to have more flights. 343 can make changes and we can all test them out! the past two weekends have been awesome and i plan on leaving my feed back to help the team!

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> Official Halo Twitter still putting out the registration for more flights, so I definitely think it’s possible.
> Sauce: https://twitter.com/Halo/status/1445097638257471488?s=20

Forge will potentially be going through a flight, Infinite might see post-launch content go through flighting and MCC still have content to flight next year. Still good to get people to sign up to the program

As far as I’m aware they’ve already been doing weekly flights for months now, these are just the few they’ve invited the public to join.

Gotta test often to make sure everything works, and Microsoft is a big company, lots of divisions and contractors to put builds through.

Those are fairly different though I guess, as all of them have some form of development tool and are targeting specific areas… Man could you guys even imagine being paid to play test for a multi-billion dollar company?

The times we’re living in, where people get paid for submitting tickets and testing bugs.

I think the only real difference, which makes it difficult to have a public test is that the internal build probably includes large parts of campaign, that have to be sectioned off and cut out to have multiplayer tested, I would assume.

It does make me think though that the multiplayer and campaign should basically be two separate exe’s, or at least very distinct project files, since ones a dlc. I mean, their purposely cutting it out to sell it to us, I’d think multiplayer is mostly separate because of that.

I will be very happy if there is one more flight in November before official launch of Halo Infinite. Even though I am ready to play everyday.

No, as cool as it would be. 343 needs to focus on polishing the the final game, not servicing flights.
We can’t complain about missing features and ask for weekly flights.

Well, I guess you can, but you’ll be disappointed either way.