343, make an appeal process for bans

It’s so toxic that I get banned for other players actions. If I’m playing team arena, and my teammates are deliberately trying to throw the game by withstanding the flag, are getting me one shot so another player can finish you off so they don’t get the technical betrayal, whatever, it’s garbage. I was temp banned for leaving games that already ended, and banned for betraying a teammate that was camping with the flag deliberately trying to “troll” and throwaway the game for whatever reason. These are things that shouldn’t cost me a ban or at the very least let me explain why I did such things in an appeal. I’m new to halo 5 and I’m the last person to try to ruin the game for others, I don’t deserve a ban. I shouldn’t be punished for such silly things. I shouldn’t be penalized when I lose a 3v4 game. This game is frustrating its almost not worth the trouble between smurfs, trolls, being punished for other players incompetence. Anyways, give us an appeal process so we can explain our situation and how it was a misunderstanding or just an accident or whatever it may be. I think giving an explanation should be warranted. Especially when I was banned so easily, I can think of ideas of maybe why I was but I’m not one to act out in games.

Sorry for the rant. I was just so freaking triggered because I’ve been getting terrible teams all day and teams that are actually just trying to sabotage the game.

Please direct all ban-related questions and discussion to the official pinned thread in the Halo 5 support forum:
This is to keep the rest of the forums uncluttered with “I’ve been banned!” posts.