343 Lying?

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We’ve had split-screen in Halo for 15 years now…but on a powerful next-generation console and a new engine, it’s somehow no longer possible? on Jan 4, 2015, Josh Holmes Tweeted: “We plan to support 2-player split screen play for both MP and Campaign co-op.” Then later asked again, Josh gave an odd answer: “All multiplayer modes used full screen on dedicated servers, including co-op campaign, Arena, and Warzone.” (343 obviously being discrete about it). Then even later, Frank says that the game was built from the ground-up without split-screen. Then Frank replies to another tweet on Aug. 12, he says: "If we could do it, we would do it. But it is what they call “nontrivial.”
This wouldn’t be the first time 343 has lied to us. They said that campaign theater mode for Halo 4 wasn’t possible, yet a 16 year old modder made it in his own bedroom.
The player was console banned. While on the subject of banning: A modder created a game-type called mini-slayer, 343 console banned him, then added mini slayer to Halo 4’s public playlists. And let’s just hope I’m not banned for posting this on the Waypoint Fourms :l

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Fight the power the split screen stuff needs an explanation and also I think 343 has a new head now since Halo 4 came out not sure.

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Yeah, they’ve lied a few times. <mark>REDACTED</mark> in particular likes to play word games to get around telling people things they don’t want to hear. Remember when he said there would be no penalty to firing from the hip? It’s technically true but he knows what people were asking and somebody found out on their own that ADS provides a tighter bullet spread.
It leaves me baffled when people say they do well in terms of communication with fans when they really, really don’t.

And what possible explanation is there for them not putting it in if they had the ability?