343, Leadership Question In Spartan Company


I hope this post finds its way to you. I am a Lieutenant in Spartan Company Flamingo 117. Our Leader LegalizeDro420 is MIA from Halo 5 since February 28, 2016, along with our other Lieutenant Box The Ozone. Our company and I are concerned that all this hard work we are putting into completing the commendations will be all for nothing.

Is there anyway you can promote me II ARROW II to leader or to put it up a vote for the company? This isn’t a mutiny, this is me being concerned that the Halo 5 community that you guys have created remains fair, and our company has done a great job staying active and putting in the time just to be taken away. I also don’t like the fact that our current Leader is not putting in any effort and is getting the credit for all of us doing all the work to get the Achilles Armor. I also don’t like that our leader could disband the company without any reason whatsoever. You can check my inbox and you can see how I have been the only member in a leadership role that is being active constantly, where you have the other 2 members riding on the coattails of everyone else.

Can you help us with this 343 Industries?

Thank you in advance for your concern.