343 lawsuit warning!!! or me just fuming...

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1 I am a gamer who has discriminated against! I was in a stream and was banned for literally saying hi and try to ask for help! This was done by the AI bot! when I was able to actually say what happened 15 minutes later the moderator person said I was lying about being banned for saying hi he himself thin banned me for an hour as I tried to explain what happened! thin I came to halo.gg to report what happened and thin well.

2 I was banned for a full week by a person who said I had threatened some one which was defamation of character! I SAID NOTHING ABOUT BODELY HARM! I WAS TRYING TO ASK FOR HELP AND REPORT WHAT HAPPEND!

3 they took down my post where I could not prove that was a BOLD FACED LIE! 3 I am making this complaint and if you guys ignore this I guess that will be that and ill be done fuming! however if you say I threated to harm some one again when my post clearly had NO THREAT IN IT!!! other than fire the person who designed the AI Moderator I will take legal action and that will be that!

PS I am still fuming over the fact that I tried to claim platinum packs the very last day of the very last halo 5 stream and the site would not let me claim a single 1!!! when I tried to talk in chat is when this whole thing began! I couldn’t talk to moderator there Couse of reasons I listed and when I came here for help 343 gave me the finger! if you shove words in my mouth again when I was trying to ask for freakin help and report what happened I was banned for 1 week on the site thin I will take legal action if you defame my character again by saying I threatened some one when I did not!!!

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and yes this all started over platinum packs I never got…