343 Keep the Store Prices the Same, Let us Earn Currency in Game

A good compromise these prices is if 343 allows us to earn credits in game. This is my idea.

Just as an example, lets use this weeks items in the store as an example. If you add up all the items value in total, you would need to spend 5200 credits. My suggestion would be to give us 50 credits for every 2 matches won. This would mean you would need to win 208 matches in order to get everything just for that 1 week. Why I chose “won” as opposed to “complete” matches, could reduce the number of afk’ers joining just for the credits. This would also encourage players to actually “play” the objective, opposed to currently where people value challenges over wins.

Obviously the average player will not get 200+ wins a week or maybe even half that. However, if there is something in the store that entices them, it keeps them playing the game even though they may have nothing else to grind for, keeping the population healthy. Perhaps if they have earned, let’s say, 1500 credits in game but they’re feeling burned out, they can spend the $5 or whatever on 500 credits and get CHONMAGE ARMOR SET (as an example). I personally won’t be spending $20 on an armor set because to me, this is a waste of money. However, if I was given an option to earn some of that currency just by playing the game, I would spend the 5,10,20 dollars every now and then. If other people enjoy spending the money on these sets in the store all power to them.

Those are my thoughts. Just to clarify, I think Halo Infinite is awesome and I’m happy with the result which 343 has given us, gameplay wise at least. I’ll still be playing Halo regardless of progression and customization, however changes need to be made to maintain a healthy population going forward.


I definitely think we should be able to earn currency (maybe an additional reward for completing weeklies - like 100 a week) but the prices are still insane.

One armor bundle costs 1/3rd of a triple A game - that’s not right.

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I don’t think they should cap how many credits you can earn a week. They already cap how much xp you can earn a week with the challenges, and majority of people will stop playing once they complete all challenges.

Personally, I think this is a great idea, but they’ll never do it

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2 days after Infinite came out I’ve already seen a couple people with flaming gear. If people are spending 100’s of dollars right now just to complete the battle pass, why change anything. These are the people 343 will target for that revenue.

Because they’re catering to whales at the cost of everyone else with the store, which is never a good sign. Relying on a wealthy player base can kill the game easily. That’s why other F2P game did it better by balancing between milking whales and all the other parties (casuals, RPers, or a mix).

Expecting a AAA game to still only cost $60 with todays inflation isn’t right either. We’ve paid the same price for games for the last 20 or so years, while the cost of labor and everything else has only risen.

I think Credits should be an award that you should be able to get from the Battle Pass if you pay for it, much like some games had done with their in-store currency. Even CoD had done that.

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I would prefer earning credits in game rather than the battle pass. Only because this would pretty much cap the credits you can earn through the battlepass.

I agree with you there. But allowing us to earn credits in game, for me, would encourage me to spend money here and there. As the system stands right now, I will not be spending any money on the store