343 - Keep it Simple

Halo Wars 1 was awesome in a lot of ways. Its really hard to improve on the platform that Ensemble built and I’m really happy you guys chose to keep the control scheme almost the same. Just keep it simple, expand the gameplay modes, maps, update the graphics, and I’ll be happy. I also know its a BETA, but here’s some thoughts:

The Good
-Kept the controls mostly the same
-It plays on my Xbox One


  • Left Trigger (LT) for the Commander Menu: I could swear that in HW1, it was a onTriggerHold/onTriggerRelease setup. I couldn’t figure out why when I let go of the trigger, the radial stayed up on screen. I don’t want to have to hit ‘B’ every time to dismiss a radial, especially in an RTS where things happen quick.
  • Left Trigger (LT) used to be for the “Faster Crosshair Movement (hold)”, which I really need back. Scrolling around at the speed of the Left Stick sucks. Implement Commander actions the same as HW1.
  • Scroll smoothness. It goes in what feels like “snap to grid” movements, which is a real PITA when you’re trying to select only a few soldier groups and then get them right on a supply stack or something. Bring back the smooth scrolling.
  • I really liked the gritty, clean, art style of HW1. This feels cartoony and blah, and makes the textures fall flat. C’mon, this is an Xbox One, show me what it can do!
  • I feel like the HW1 radial menu art was a lost easier to see and understand what I was getting, for quick acquisition. HW2, I kinda have to stare at each option and think “what is this building again?” or “how is this character different?”. I need quick acquisition in an RTS.
  • I hope its just the early build, but oh holy cow does it take forever to boot the game, let alone join a game.
  • Make default scroll speed configurable
  • The Mac Blast looked way cooler in HW1. I wanna see and hear that thing rain fire from the sky.

I’ll post more as I play more.

For real on the graphics. Also I too loved the Mac Blast on HW1 much better.