343 just took my emblem this update

So I HAD the lone wolf emblem on my armor just the other day to wake up to this update to be ok cool cadet coatings.

But then I noticed my Mark V and Mark VII didn’t have a emblem on them thought that was weird went to go check it was just gone not a trace.

Pretty sure I got that in may as a weekly now spending that time to get the emblem means nothing I guess and they can just take the only emblem I liked whenever.

Could have been a mistake but honesty I feel these updates come rarely enough that there shouldn’t be any mistakes in them at all.

hey Voidless, there’s def no intention for us to “steal” or “take” emblems back.

we’re investigating but in the meantime, can you submit a ticket so that our Support agents can track it and reach out if they need more info?



Tyvm I will if my post was kinda rude just woke and got annoyed im sorry.

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it’s all good, i can definitely understand feeling like you had the rug yanked out from under you. :slight_smile:

i looked and mine’s MIA too so they’re definitely looking into it. hang tight!


It has been restored!

I had the same issue as you, and we made our post around the same time…lol