343 just ignores what the community wants.

For about a year now breakout has stayed the same the very poor shotgun playing game mode has a nail in the coffin and 343 doesn’t notice what it has done to a very good playlist. All I ask is that you bring the old breakout back I will be complianing about this until something gets done.if not just remove breakout completely nobody plays the new breakout. All it is is shotguns and running to a flag to take it to your spawn like wtf ? This take no skill I have capped the flag so many times it’s to dam easy like what is wrong with the people who work at 343 do you even play your game before you make it public?

343 brought back Snipers, so I would have to disagree. 343 does listen, sometimes. What they lack are balls to do risky plays.

Also, about 140,000 people play breakout, so…

Feel free to use the existing megathread to add feedback on Breakout