343, is this possible to do?

Is it possible to have official feedback threads to discuss sandbox / gameplay stuff i.e. AA’s, loadouts, support and tactical upgrades etc?

Basically a place to discuss and give feedback on these additions to the franchise.

The war games feedback threads are a great idea, and a lot of the stuff above is being talked about in there. But I feel these mechanics (AA’s etc) go above and beyond specific playlists, and affect the game as a whole. So they deserve their own feedback threads.

It might free up some of the Halo 4 threads to discuss more constructive topics that aren’t complaints about how Halo 4 is broken etc

I’d actually like something like this, it’s only a bit of feedback after all.

Personally I can see merit in what you ask but overall the settings in each playlist encompass such a wide variety of settings e.g. no AA’s, some with AA’s, no instant respawn, base movement speed, friendly fire etc.

So in essence to discuss mechanics you can discuss differing opinions about mechanics in each playlist feedback thread. If you have more overall generic comments then the Halo 4 forum is fine for those as is.

I can see how sandbox weapons is a more overall setting but for anything else I think the playlist feedback threads have you covered. I’d recommend discussion at a top level in Halo 4 forum and make differing posts in each playlist thread for specifics.


  1. no boltshot loadout in any game (just discuss that in a Halo 4 thread)
  2. no instant respawn (send into CTF feedback, Throwdown feedback as your preference)
  3. instant respawn (send into Infinity slayer, Infinity BTB)

You get the point.

I get what you mean, Ozzy

I could be wrong, but certain things transcend playlists, and would probably benefit from it’s own thread to discuss.

Camo, for example, is in Infinity Slayer, Big Team, Regicide, Infinity Rumble etc so for someone who absolutely hated camo, or wanted to give feedback on how they see it possibly improved, they’d be directed to post in all of those war games threads. Or, as is most common, complain about it on the Halo 4 thread.

But if 343 find it useful to use the other threads for feedback on specifics like this, then all good.