343 is spitting in our faces

I know complaining is all everyone is doing right now but the more I sit and play this game the more I get annoyed

In one of the videos theyre talking about “customization coming from a player first mentality” when its obviously not. I dont care if this is a beta because we all know this is the finished product thats launching on the 8th.

The microtransactions in this game are just down right predatory, you have to pay for almost all the armor, coatings etc. and if you do shell out for the BP youre going to get some ridicously stupid challenges that youll almost have to use swaps on. This is great news because you can just buy more from the store!

Im so tired of 343 at this point. I want to like this game I really do but theyve had so many attempts to get the franchise right. 4 was ok, 5 was a mess with story and mp micro transactions, MCC barely worked at launch. I feel at this point Microsoft is smacking them on the peter and they figured releasing it “”"""“FREE”"""" would get some good will but honestly Id rather pay $60 for a complete game and just have a system like CoD does with their BP.