343 is obviously desperate for sales

This is if the Gameinformer leak is real.

They are literally turning the game into Cod in the future. Plus xray vision? What is this, Metroid Prime 2?

Custom classes, TWO AA’s at the same time, crappy Spartan Points, bad ranking system, random weapon drops…

There goes the only decent console FPS. Now it’s just like the other 500 modern shooters.

R.I.P Halo

Prepared for “You haven’t played it yet!”


i didn’t see anything for the ranking. what is that like?

You don’t have to win matches to rank up. You get points from medals and stuff.

They want that CoD money.

I feel like crying. Thanks 343i. We gave you a chance and you -Yoink- it up. Well, I have my wallet to my left and I know what my money isn’t going towards.

This better be a troll attempt…

It’s just 343 or some random trolling…right guys?

Microsoft wants their products to appeal to as many people as possible. No news there.

when will the Devs figure out that the reason that people play CoD is because its CoD. Thay are not going to get all the CoD players by -Yoinking!- up a classic game.

Halo used to be the most popular game I dont get why they wouldn’t give us what the die hard fans wanted.