343 is literally telling me to raise my sensitivity and find the sens that feels comfortable to me. But the settings don't go high enough for that, 343


Choose the sensitivity that’s right for your play style. Try higher settings if you like to get up close and personal.

That’s a verbatim quote I see all the time in the loading screens.

This is exactly what I want to do! But the sensitivity settings don’t go high enough, how am I supposed to choose the sensitivity that’s right for my play style when you don’t even include those settings so I can pick them? “That old familiar feeling,” yeah, I agree. I would LOVE to have that old familiar feeling while playing Halo Infinite. Raise the sensitivity cap. 10 is not high enough.

And then it’s forced crossplay on top of this, where one input method takes 20 years to turn around for no apparent reason?

My playstyle includes flicking the stick to do a 180 turn, turning and changing directions quickly, flick aiming, and I sacrifice some accuracy for these things. But that’s my play style! That’s how I feel comfortable playing, so when a loading screen in the game tells me to choose the sensitivity that’s right for my play style, so I can feel comfortable playing Halo Infinite, to turn my sensitivity up so I can be more successful in close range, then turn around and don’t even include those settings in the game? It’s borderline insulting and the biggest problem in this game from my perspective. Imagine something so dumb and seemingly innocuous as the sensitivity settings ruining the game for you. Ridiculous!

Before anyone asks, here’s my settings. They’re already on the highest settings and it’s nowhere near high enough for my play style, let alone comfortable enough. I know this isn’t a problem for everybody, but this constantly drags down the experience of an otherwise decent game. I’m by no means the only person talking about this. There’s a new post on the Halo subreddit every few minutes asking about how to make the sensitivity faster, or complaining that it’s too slow for their play style.

Look Acceleration: 5

Horizontal Sensitivity: 10

Vertical Sensitivity: 10

  • Move Thumbstick

Center Deadzone: 0

Max Input Threshold: 15

Axial Deadzone: 0

  • Look Thumbstick

Center Deadzone: 0

Max Input Threshold: 15

Axial Deadzone: 0

Change those deadzones to 2.0 any less and you’re getting drift. Also up the acceleration but don’t put the sensitivity as high.

Thanks for your reply my man, but these are the fastest and highest possible settings in the game, and they are still too slow for my normal play style. That is what this post is about. Plus stick drift is only an issue when you aren’t moving the sticks. It doesn’t happen when you’re aiming or strafing

Oh yeah that’s right, max accel. is only 5 in this game. Laughable at best.

damn, how do you hit anything? I can’t stay on target (constant over swing) at higher than 5 sense and zero acceleration!