343 is an absolute embarassment

Nice little update talking about just the shop and btb. Ive about lost all hope for infinite yeah live service game my -Yoink!- wheres the CONTENT?? been months and yall still cant even fix btb and little things that shouldnt take no time take yall months apparently.

When season 2 comes around i wouldnt be surprised if we get 1 new map and a few modes. 343 is pathetic im sorry.


I feel your frustration and relate immensely! It is confusing how the game can be good but actively discourages you to play….!?? Probably because its managed by monkeys :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Im not playing anymore until they add new maps, game modes, forge, firefight. Get a better progession system outside of the BP. Better UI. Fix the desync and server lag. Until then yeah im good.


Are you joking? How can you say that about 343? They just released 15 more items for you to spend money on! And the payment system functions FLAWLESSLY!



:laughing::smile::rofl: : we are evaluating and learning from all your feedback and will evaluate what we can learn of better ways of evaluating.


I uninstalled this game yesterday after not playing it for months? I honestly forgot when it released.
This isn’t a game, it’s a digital hot topic. I suggest everyone else abandon it as well.


Hyperbole? It’s been just over a month and half.

They’ve tried a couple of times. It’s obviously a tricky fix. Just need to be patient.

Sounds like you need to take a break and due something else for your mental health.

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343 may have implemented weird gameplay mechanics like scope glint and bloom, but they’re trying their best.


This is still giving 343 too much credit lol


Trying their best? Hahaha! nice joke! Are you intentionally trolling or?


I gave up. I have to kill 6 months just for them to MAYBE get their act together, Bungie is releasing Destiny 2 Witch Queen, that’ll take about 6 months, easy decision. Wake me when Forge comes, assuming it doesn’t take 8 or 9 months.


What I think really makes me upset with this whole situation is that I’m a big fan of Halo, I’ve loved playing them since Halo 2 even with it just being short bursts at a time at my cousins house until I managed to get a 360 and play Halo 3 myself and it’s hard seeing something that basically is a part of you and held in such high regard fall so low constantly.

All franchises have their ups and downs but I’ve always stuck around just because it’s Halo, it’s always been my go to game. It just really sucks that every game since Halo 4 it seems, there always is that negative aspect when you play that comes along with it even when there are good aspects to the games. You just don’t get that “pure” enjoyment out of them anymore that the Bungie games brought.

  • Halo 4 it was the blatant change of the artstyle and gameplay being like Cod (I personally didn’t like the MP but I did like the Campaign).

  • Halo 5 was Req packs and pay to win mechanics along with a really bad campaign but with good gameplay, but even with that the gameplay was just to different at least to me.

  • MCC you have the old Halo games but the game is completely dysfunctional for years.

After all the work 343 did to update MCC to the game that we expected it to be back in 2014 and more and just overall building faith with the fans, porting it to PC, it really started to feel like 343 finally was listening to what the fans wanted and I could sort of feel happy again being a Halo fan as playing MCC now is a blast!

Then Halo Infinite starts to roll around and it finally feels like the game we as Halo fans have been waiting 6 years for, all the promises 343 was making was building this game up to be something greater and better than what we as gamers have been getting the last few years with annoying, broken, overpriced AAA releases. Then the game launched…

Most of our content is unlocked through playing the game and only through playing the game.

I will never let that statement go as this was borderline one of the biggest and most blatant lies I think I’ve seen from a company other than EA saying gamers don’t like single player games anymore. Halo Infinite has seriously been one of the biggest dissapointments I’ve seen in years as the game has probably the best gameplay in the series (with issues of it’s own) and tremendous potential, only to be held back so far by so many bs corporate practices that I think I’ve seen in a video game. On top of that the abundance of issues that aren’t or hardly are getting addressed is just…how can a company go from having the amount of great customer support with MCC to this. A blatant money grab when in no way did it need to be. Thankfully the campaign was the saving grace for this game (If you pay $80cad before tax or gamepass) but even as good as I thought the campaign was it did still have it’s share of issues, but nothing like the MP.

After 10 years of almost constant dissapointments (other than 343 fixing MCC and Halo Wars 2), broken launches and broken promises, I’m just tired and this game really is feeling like the last straw for me. I really want to like it but nothing about it anymore makes me want to play and when I do get the small urge to, I almost just feel sick when I open it as now this game just gives me a sense of dread hence why I’ve basically stopped.

This may come across as ranty, or whiny or w/e, but this is all coming from a long time Halo fan that finally has really felt like they’ve had enough and it’s super depressing. Hopefully the campaign updates that come out are good because I feel like that’s all I really am going to want to play of this game anymore unless they add a firefight mode. MP has just put such a bad taste in my mouth and all my friends mouths that I’m not sure any of us are really wanting to come back unless major changes have happened, but as 343 said in their one stream “They realize that not everyone is going to be satisfied and are going to jump ship and that’s ok” (Not word for word but general gist of it, it was the stream of them addressing death threats and such right after game launched I believe).

Anyways I’m ending it there as this went way longer than what I thought it would and as I said I’m sorry if this comes off as ranty, or whiny but also as I said I’m just tired, and if 343 updates the heck out of the game to where it should have been at launch and more, I’ll maybe check it out again but until then I’ll probably just stick with MCC as that’s the kind of Halo experience that actually feels like a true Halo game to me and not some stupid cash grab. Also I should say if you enjoy the game, all the power to you and keep enjoying it to your hearts content, this is just on how I feel about the game.


“It is what it is” - 343 Probably


Lol Should be their motto.


Yah Forge will most likely be delayed at this point, sad to hear that you actually support Destiny after Bungie also proved to be greedy garbage themselves as well.


This is Xbox in current year. Push Game Pass and microtransactions. Hire devs based on anything except skill. Infinite is just “content” for GP, nothing more.

It was funny when they said they’re still “learning” which means they’re trying to see what they can get away with. Minimum Viable Product.

It’s not just 343, most of their studios are inept.


This is an absolute testimony you’ve made here.

The thing you mention about your cousin’s house particular gets me… I was born in '94 and played CE for the first time at gamestop with my cousin a few weeks after launch… I was so in love with the game and the books after that even though I wasn’t allowed to own the games yet. some of my earliest memories with my brother and my cousin were playing through Halo 1 & 2. Was a tad too young/not interested in competitive MP to enjoy Halo 2 online but by the time Halo 3 was out I had literally written a persuasive essay to get my mother to let me buy Halo 3. I worked hard in school to get gold honor role so she would let me do it, all so I could play Halo 3 on its native console and see the next generation of Halo. Looking back it certainly had its own flaws but the last decade of Halo was much harder to swallow.

I lost my dad 9 days before the Infinite campaign dropped. I had been annoyed at the biome situation and what felt to me like a lot of missing characters, info, etc, so I didn’t buy the campaign day one… I even waited until I could afford a Series X to play Infinite on (and experience it the way it was intended.)

Don’t get me wrong, I was touched by this game. A few of the moments (like Spartan Griffin’s death, or when The Weapon asks Chief’s permission to call herself Cortana [I think?]) are beautiful and genuine Halo moments… music and visuals that go beyond the fidelity of Halo 3, and writing on par. But it feels like a teeny tiny teaser… a few moments of sun peeking through the clouds, shrouded by greed and micro-transactions that seem to take up all of the post launch road map that I was hoping would lead to a complete game and some closure.

If 343 would just make a good Halo game without focusing on popular trends and flashy things that earn immediate profit, they could make a truly phenomenal piece of art and earn their way back into setting trends for the industry.


There’s a ten tier event pass currently active with special attrition playlist. Yoroi will roll around again soon with more unlocks to get.

They are releasing content and it’s early days. Give them time. Game only came out 10 weeks ago.

The BTB situation certainly is an embarrassment, really surprised it’s been going on for weeks. Disappointed.

I’ll always say this: New armor and some cosmetic useless yoink ISN’T NEW OR IMPORTANT CONTENT.
We need bug fixes, more optimization for pc, new and classic maps, new gamemodes, custom game browser, match composer like mcc.
It seems to me that 343 isn’t working much to save their game right now


The only things i’m looking forward to are;

more mp maps
co-op / split screen
next campaign
maybe mod tools if they ever decide to do them.

still zero interest in cosmetics.