343 industry put the cross shot in normal damage why have it nerfed?

Hello here I think the nerve of the cross shot is useless and kills the gameplay of halo which has always been that. we are spartans not normal humans that the bad cross-face shot is normal. Already you had taken away the pleasure of the human shotgun which kills in one bullet in melee and the shredder no longer has any use in the game especially already in halo 3 it was two shot so why the nerf caused again player on halo who will turn it into a call of it’s halo certain base should not be changed.

what, exactly do you mean or trying to say?

If I had to take a guess, “cross shot” = Bulldog and “shredder” = Mauler? With those assumptions I think he is complaining that the Bulldog isn’t as powerfull as previous Halo shotgun-type weapons.

Exactement merci car leur traduction francaise est tres mauvaise deja il nous force a ecrire en anglais sinon c pas validee