343 Industries, you're my only hope! <--- (Epic Star Wars Quote) Don't Leave us in the Dirt

(POST AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU COUNTER MY THOUGHTS [does not include if you don’t completely agree as i am speaking to people who 100% disagree and believe the game is perfect]ESPECIALLY IF IT IS STUPID AND MAKES NO SENSE, YOU MUST BACK UP YOUR RESPONSE)

TL;DR at bottom

Now now, I know there have been MANY, MANY, MANY threads about this subject and I just heard about this forum about 2 hours ago. I know this is probably going to be implemented already OR not at all completely. ( who knows, 343 might leave it as is ):slight_smile:

This forum speaks very professionally instead of trolling and insulting/criticizing each other. Fix this game please! Sage just had to try and merge this game with Shadow Run and practically make it Shadow Run 1.5. Don’t leave us in the dirt.

<strong><strong>BLOOMING RETICLE: What was Bungie thinking? Sure other Halos had this but not this dramatic and not this annoying. I want to play the simple shooter that took skill and not luck. Not to mention what a way to completely throw it into the typical shooter box. If bloom MUST be in the game for a completely stupid reason, at least make it extend 100% and retract 100% more. Not to mention, make the shots only hit around the edges of the moving reticle or circle, not in the center.</strong></strong>
<strong>ARMOR LOCK: Okay, this AA has royally PISSED me off so many times (I mad BRO!) It is the only Armor Ability that has MULTIPLE uses that are GAME BREAKING to say the least. A 6 second pause button? A vehicle destroyer. An explosive redirector/destroyer? An EMP’er that counters close quarters weapons/people that melee? Recharges shields/distractions/lets teammates catch up/360 view? How about all of the above? Seriously, I hope this gets blammed or something but, what the -Yoink- were they thinking?</strong>
How about making it 4 seconds and the EMP begins when you pound your fist, not afterwards. Not to mention getting a cramp of some sort so that it takes about a second or two to get out of armor lock, so you cannot counter close range weapons/melee’rs. Also, fix the annoying immunity after you’re out of armor lock.
<strong>GRENA – ERR, MINI NUKES: This is something 343 must address. Sure they were THIS powerful back in CE, but the fuse was way longer, which to the trained coordinated player, could move out of the way with minor damage, plus they bounced more.</strong>
How about lowering damage and increasing the fuse. Or pretty much put back halo 3’s greandes, those were awesome.
<strong>DOUBLE BEAT-DOWNS: Halo 3’s was amazing, why change it? Sure same old same old, but it worked perfectly. it BLED through shields just like ALL melee weapons should (knife,sword,PUNCH) but it doesn’t . Not to mention all Spartans have a twitchy -Yoink- arm and can melee extremely fast. it is pretty much saying, "run at me, instead of trying to shoot me like I’m doing just hit me twice, those bullets won’t count as melee won’t count them.</strong>
Increase melee times by roughly 0.5 seconds or 1 second and make it bleed through shields!
<strong>-Yoink- -Yoink- INATIONS: The reason I split -Yoink- twice is because while performing one, everyone becomes an -Yoink- and yoinks my kill. How about making the -Yoink- -Yoink- ination register as soon as I start the little cutscene, it was put as a luxury, why should I have to look around to make sure none of my teammates are looking.</strong>
<strong>RANKING SYSTEM: First, don’t revive old threads that say SOMETHING about this, all they say is that they want it fixed. (halo 3 one) This ranking system is horrifying, I am being paired up with people that are just terrible. Skill and RANK doesn’t matter anymore. no matter how good I am, I get paired up by terrible people whom, hog power weapons and betray teammates for them. Commit suicide for fun and don’t care about winning as a whole.</strong>
<strong>This is why they are being such jerks. With the old winning system, good players were met at higher levels, with a rough start at beginning levels. So at higher levels people tried to win, assists and “yoinks” didn’t matter because you thought “hey, at least we’re going to win this” and that guy that got the power weapon says “good luck man, get some kills with that for victory”. Now it is full of K/D whores who just want to have all kills for themselves and don’t care about winning, and guess what this game is starting to look like. It rhymes with c**k of doody. Don’t come at me with this Arena BS either because ARENA is worse than Halo 3’s system of flaws. Not to mention that there are always mistakes, it was re ranking and boosting in 3 and in reach credit boosting/normal boosting/ and AFK boosting.</strong>
<strong>CAMPAIGN: I know this cannot be changed heck, even all of this might not happen, but I just think that this was one of the worst campaigns ever in Halo. Sure , it was cool knowing you were in a suicide mission, but you felt like you weren’t part of it. There is a large scale battle going on and you, a HIGH RANKING spartan are told to break Covenant radios in New Alexandria? Also, what the hell is with the character design?! I didn’t care if the fat man blew up, Kat should have stayed in the kitchen and learned how to drive, Carter, the “leader” rammed into a scarab, or if Emile forgot to look at his radar. They looked like they were there because they had to be there and were more like dummies for the Covenant to beat on. I didn’t care because of no background story…</strong>
I just said this so 343 doesn’t do the same mistake &gt;.&lt;
<strong><strong>TL;DR: Double beat-down time should be increased by roughly 0.5 secs to 1 sec. grenades should have longer fuse or reduced damage like Halo 3’s grenades. Assassinations should register when I begin it, to avoid annoying yoinks. Blooming should be 100% increased circle size and 100% faster revert back to normal and the shots should go around edges and out of enlarging/smaller circle.Campaign was dull and boring. AL is overpowered because of its abused attributes and gayness (hard to explain lol.) ranking system is not competative and Arena is BS!</strong></strong>


I did not read everything but with the things I read I agree 100%.