343 Industries please read

This is from a vetrain halo player since it was beta on the PC so i know what changes would be best to make halo stay in the top bracket for “best game”. You may read this if its the 100th post of the day or that im ignorant. but im not, im humble and able to comprehend what a player is and what makes them tick and you have tip-toe into a pay to play company, here are a few things that will make halo enjoyable for every class of players out their in the world and i will keep it short if a admin wish for a deeper intake i can send an Email for a deeper detail exsplantion to it but please make the attempt to reaching out it makes it better for the community to know you guys read our post and replies even if nothing is done, humanity is a blessing.

  1. If you are set for a battle pass to help pay for the cost of having a free to play MP (Multi player) then ensure that the items are relevent to the player and actually desired. a wrist guard with a small change from another will no look desirable and there for not used.

  2. The content of the shop is over priced and limited on options, i know we are a few days away and you dont want to put all your cookies in one basket but no paint skeme should cost 10-20 USD. for the fact you dont let us play and become our own artist on mix and matching color skemes you need the value of them to be LOW. they are not armor and only able to complement a paticular set of said armors.

  3. Most importantly of the group and must impact to the player and staff alike is allow us to customize the armors, allow us to change colors in a “set” and to be available for all armors and weapons with out the “rairity” where only some colors go on an armor or weapon. allow us to be the creator, stay in the part as the source of resources we go to for more items. allow each scheme of colors either its for armors, vehicles or weapons to be fully customizeable and not have them in “sets” where we cannont change the colors ourselfs.
    *Let us choose what we want and not forced us to pick. i want black and blue schemes for armor, weapons and vehicles but i cant. i cant have cloud 9 on any wepaon or armor (for its color scheme). its understandable to have it for a select few options or the fact its a MLG community. but allow us the options to make our own.
    *dont sell use schemes in return for giving us the ability to make our own color sheme have us buy “Live Colors” only available by battle pass or store. This will work similar to like how COD has it where you have to unlock it or pay for the item.

  4. the ranking system needs to be altered. I am a MLG that went semi Pro in the era of Halo 2 before the hacks and glitches took over. I would try to get into rank but the ten games to be placed is brutal. not the amount to play but the players im teamed up with. I literally average a 15/5 KDA and objective or not im the only one in double didgits kills and single didgit deaths. im on my 4th match and its still the same. Im playing with BOTS at this point and makes getting higher ranks not enjoyable. you put us in what LoL players call “Hell ELO” where good players are stuck at low ranks becuase if we solo-que and cant get a team, we cant carry! i have half of my teams kills for a slayer and have no one to help. allowing the “performance check” before each que or have us lable as “better X but lesser than Y” would put us in a longer but better match up. If im ranked as gold i should not be placed with lower skilled players than a bracket lower or higher than myself. Rank is a difficult one to adress but its a long term solution to help pro and semi pro players enjoy and stay playing rank games.

Overall: You guys did a great thing to making Multiplayer free, i know you have cost to cover by doing so but also please dont be a pay to play, dont make the market only enjoyable for twitch and youtube streamers and leave the COVID EFFECTED FANS to suffer. If you put a value on a color and not allow us to make it than have it available to select the colors to the scheme and have a flat rate to pay for it. either way no more than 3 USD for a given “based” color scheme. If you do any of what i have mention you would invertily answer and do half of the players request for the feedback. please continue your good work 343 and please reply and listen to the fans dont just aknowlage us, we know what we like in a game and feedback is what makes a game a hit or a miss.


and allow Elites/Convent to be available in MP! you will get more transactions and viable options with this and letting the players pick what they want is sure as getting some bills paid and i would not mind facing a few brutes in MP!

im with u i was a old good veteran h2 player too :wink:

nice 2 meet u here