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Thousands and thousands including myself have yet received their email or live message containing the Specializations code and 343 INDUSTRIES is saying yes they have sent them out…NO YOU HAVE NOT YOU IDIOTS!!!..I will never buy any 343 Industries games ever again nor will I buy anymore maps that they charge ridiculous money for…you would think buying the game was enough…but no these idiots trying to squeeze every bit of money out of us on a game wr love playing!!!

I agree, still havent recieved mine either.

343 doesnt set the price for maps, microsoft does.

Still…343 gets the money

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Im stuck at level 70 and cant rank up anymore without the Specializations so therefore its not worth playing!!!..havent played in tso days due to this…keep signing on to see if they sent me a message on live yet or if the made it DLC but of course 343 HASNT…BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!

343i generates the codes and sends them to microsoft for distribution. Don’t come on here and complain, contact Xbox Live Support.

This is certainly not helping your chances of improving your condition. :=)

Contacted xbox support and complained to them so I came here and complained too…and will continue to complain intil I get my specializations that I should have due to me being eligible!!!

What did Xbox support say?

Xbox is the one who sent me to these forums!!!

Yes, I didn’t see your reply when I was typing my response out. Which is why I edited it.

Why would they send you to the forums?

I would not care at this point if you ever got anything from Microsoft or 343i ever again, your attitude is horrible, why should they bother to help you lol.

xbox live sends you to 343 then a form with some people agreeing sends me here I got the xbox message but it deleted it self and never got the email so now what do I do now is my question

Xbox support said its a 343 problem and they have nothing to do with sending the codes out

I know that just what now is my question if my email is valid and i got the xbox message but never got the email?

I dont get how they can say all the codes were sent out when there are thousand upon thousand that are saying they didnt…but 343 keeps ignoring us…what every happened to the customer is always right?

Oh no, I didn’t get something that was intended to be for Limited Edition purchases that 343i decided to give out from good will; NOPE! They don’t deliver the instant they said so I’m going to boycott.


> I would not care at this point if you ever got anything from Microsoft or 343i ever again, your attitude is horrible, why should they bother to help you lol.

Why should they help him? Cause he payed for something. You should open a business, not supply people with what they paid for and then when they get upset, tell them that they have a horrible attitude.

this is really messed up I gets the xbox message and it goes away with out deleting it and it does not send a email I mean I bought the limited edition and I am with out something I bought and when I revived help from game stop 3 out of the 5 codes I was given were invalid wtf I mean can we just get a mass email and message sent to the people who qualify and just end this right?
(sorry for restating my self)

I couldn’t agree more! I, too, am stuck at SR70 and can’t rank up thanks to them. I never got my email. I sent them several messages and they dismiss it. You gotta love their FALSE ADVERTISING!