343 Industries Community New Flood Mode?

The concept is simple two teams of Flood,Spartans 1V5

Spartan Weapens Flam Thrower,Shot Gun

Flood Weapens Claw,Spit,More

Loctiton The Brocken Halo Ring from the Halo Nightfall

Timer 7 Minuets

Ring Day,Night cycle 2 Minuets

Spartans Spawn Drop Ship

Flood Spawn Caves Nest

The Mach Starts with 5 Spartans and 1 Flood Spare the flood mode is all a basic Attck,Defend Game mode the Spartans Job is Stick together,Hide in places in the day but at Night the Spartans Job is to Fine the Hive and destroy it,the eggs

The Floods Job is to infect them 1 by 1 until there are all infected who ever does wins as a Flood or Spartan you need to choose a class Load outs are Below.

Spartan Loadouts

1 Salt Flam Thrower,Shot Gun

2 Medic Helf Gun,Salt rifle

3 Lookout Sniper rifle,Spartan Laster

4 Trapper Trip Minds,Rocket Gun

5 Hidden Knife,Energy sword

Flood Loadouts

1 Spare Infect Ability

2 Hunter Claw,Rip Ability

3 Stalker Charge Smash,Mine Trap Ability

4 Infector Infect,Spite Ability

5 Rager Claw,Invincible for 10 seconds Ability


It all starts with 5 spartans getting sent on a routine training mission they were travelling on a dropship pelican to fine a mysterious beacon and it was tracked to the Brocken Halo Ring when the ship got sent out to discover distress signal the ship got shot with a bullet that killed the driver of the ship the ship was going to spin out of control
the spartans jumped out before the ship could crash when on the ring they saw the flood but when there were on the ring the sun was about to come up so they hidden inside a cave you just need to survive the sun until it goes down and then you have a bigger problem the flood your mission objective is to find the flood Hive and destroy it until reinforcements arrive
but you have a set time for you to go to the dropship if you don’t go to the dropship in that time period you are good as dead good Luck! Soldier.

The Ring

Your goal on the Halo Ring before help arrives you need to survive the day and come out the caves at night you will need to survive the flood and scavenge for supplies because ammo is limited you need to find to the flood hive and destroy it and then run for life to the ship before it takes off!


First load out the flood Spare this is just one simple infection form that is more advanced than the previous flood forms this one is designed to hunt in the dark,infected it’s host and turn the host into the standard Human Flood Form.

Second load out Hunter unlike most flood these flood are located in groups of 5 1 is player controlled but the rest are AI Controlled these are infected Hunter Warms the only thing they can see is a red ping there are completely blind

they mostly Detect Sound but once they are on you they can even sense your movements.

3rd Load out Stalker

This one is an evolved flood this is a Infected spartan when he become Infected the helmet became a part of his head and it’s stuck together with it’s skin the stalker is a creature mostly black the stalker is mostly designed for ambushing,Making traps for his enemies he you can be used for talking down Small Numbers of Spartans at a time by charging at it’s enemies it can do a lot of damage
it takes a lot of decision and time to do this.

4th Load out Infector

This strange looking human flood form has sacks all over it’s body it’s main Ability is to run and explode on contact with its enemies its other ability is spit it takes a lot of time to charge up and spit it attack the spit contains toxic gases that blind it’s enemies for two seconds so it can run up in you face and explored.

5th Load out Rager

this is an infected brut it’s main ability is a claw attack these ones are big the very hard to kill this type of flood are designed to kill large numbers of enemies they mostly go from behind this one likes going up close and personal its other ability can turn invincible for 10 seconds when it’s in this mode it weakness is from behind.

What do you think about these ideas?

Do you think this should happen?

please leave a comment below Dear 343 Industries if you are looking at this thank you what do you think about this upgrade for the new flood mode?

please make this happen please shock us all surprise us please make this come true make this happen Halo Community We need your help to make this true for Halo Thanks.

Sounds like a cool concept if done right