343 Industires conspiracy, possibly halo 4 leak !!!

Guess what guys, its nav from above, yup i have never posted a thread ever. Until i came up eith a theory for halo 4. When i came up with this theory, it went on for like a few days until i find out i got bannned. Guess what.

You have been banned from the public forums until july 7, 2618.

Reason: Other

thats right guys, i have never posted anything but a theory and i get banned for life for it.
This means that 343 is trying to shut me up. Well my theory shall live on.

Here is the theory in a copy paste. Spread it around so when i get banned again for life for posting the real plot of halo 4, its already everywhere.

Guys this is really weird, 343 try to shut me uo from posting this one theory, my only theory out of hundreds posted by waypointers. And the funniest reason is :Other

here is the theory spread it around.

Most of us have read Halo:Cryptum, am I right ? Born Stellar Makes Eternal Lasting (Born), is the main character, Born, at one point of the story turns out to be mutated into a Warrior-Servent Class. The Didact is the one of the Warrior-Servant Class. He has given his memories and thoughts to Born, thus many other end up treating him like the Didact. He has incarnated himself into Born, which makes Born the Didact in the story later on. My theory is that the Master Chief is reincarnated from the Didact. Knowing that the Didact has never died in soul. This is proven in the Halo 3 terminals when Medicient Bias is talking to the Master Cheif refering to him as “You”.
We know that Medicient Bias was ordered from the Master Builder to test fire the halo’s (on low power), on the human colonized planets. Medicient Bias was known to betray the Didact, and turn to the Gravemind, In Cyrptum he has turned to the last precursor (the gravemind). In the end of Halo:Cryptum, the Born or “The Didact” is now searching for the missing halo ring, he then gets a memory of the Didact talking to the “The Timeless One”, The Timeless One tells him that he is what gave “You” shape and breath, and he is the last of what the “Your” kind had whiped out (The Last Precursor). We all Know the Master Cheif as a type of Warrior-Servant Class, Him and his AI Cortana. We also know that the Forunners had Ai that they called there “Ancilla”. As for the Ancilla, The Didact had one that woke him up from the cyrptum that Born was with. Born Stellar also had one that was with him throught his entire journey. Do you see the similarity between all of them being the Warrior Class, All of them having an AI that had helped them throught there journey, All of them also have something to do with Medicient Bias refering to them as “You”. My theory is that the MASTER CHEIF, DIDACT, AND BORN STELLAR MAKES ETERNAL LASTING, are all reincarnated from the previous version of them. They all have there similarities, You can also see that they all have a sharing for “Luck”. The Didact was awaken from his cryptum by his AI just like Cortana awoke the Master Chief from his. Born Stellar and The Didact were just as lucky as the Chief when they escaped to the portal in time from a “Halo Firing”. They escaped alive, landed on a mysterious structure, and went on there journey to find the timeless one, or The gravemind.
So now with the luck thing. Johnson-"One of these days, yor gonna land on something as stuborn as you are ". It Ironic how we saw the Master Chief about to land into a forunner structure, as its “As Stubborn as He Is”. What Johnson Meant was that he will later on follow his own “DESTINY”. In the description of Halo4, The Master Chief will face an ancient threat and follow his own DESTINY. When they mean Destiny (In regards of this theory), they mean that the reincarnation of The Didact, (The Master Chief, will face his own destiny, Wasnt it the Destiny of the Didact to Face the Gravemind ?
Now that we know that The Didact, Born Stellar, and The Master Chief all have a Destiny, to destroy the Gravemind. Since we know that the Gravemind is also never dieing, as in soul wise like the Didact and The Master Chief, The Timeless One is the Gravemind in another way knowing that since the Gravemind has infinite patience, he has no Time on him. So my theory also states that since theres (1) Halo Ring, The Timeless One, and Medicient Bias are going to threaten the fate of the Universe. The Gravemind is a Precursor, and The Timeless One is That, and the Precursors are known for having technology going INTERGALACTIC. This Mean One Thing. The Gravemind is going to go to different galaxies across The Universe, and fire the Halo that he, and Medicient Bias Controls. They will boost the power, and cause 1 galaxy at a time to go extinct. The reason there doing this is so that Medicient Bias can contaminate of the Flood Threat, he took it to seriously and is now going with the idea that EVERYTHING LIVING THING IN THE “UNIVERSE” MUST BE DESTORYED. Its also funny that in the Halo waypoint background you could see that there are many shining stars showing the halo effect. Then our galaxy at the center. ( lolz). There you have it folk, The Master Cheifs Destiny is to stop the Timeless One and Medicient Bias from Destroying Every Galaxy in The Universe, 100,000 years they have been destroying galaxies, how many could there be left ?

There you have it folks, the theory that was so tru that it got be banned for life and for the reason of :Other.

Better read this before its locked again :slight_smile:

i would rather not read the theory at all.

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