343 Industies Assistance Please

Hello. I really love the Halo franchise and I have every game except for the strategy game and the Halo Combat Evolved Anniversay Edition. I never received a specialization code and I pre-ordered the game through Windows and played it on the release day. I never got an email for my code. My xbox live gold membership ended on 12-1-2012 and I didn’t know that. I reactivated it on 12-11-2012. I was told by xbox support that they could not help me with my code problem and that I might have been sent a message on xbox live on 12-4-2012 if I had a gold membership but I did not. I tried to post on the supplied forum for this problem but it was shut down an hour before I tried to do so. Is there anybody who can assist me because I would just like to enjoy the product that was promised to me. If there is nothing that can be done will somebody from 323 please at least respond and tell me that my post was received so I know to give up all hope.

Gamer Tag: bam250
Yes I played Halo 4 before November 20th.
Yes I am over 18 years old
Yes I live in the United States

I care more about the Crimson Map Pack that is being given out than the specializations code. If I could get help with receiving the Crimson Map Pack instead of both I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for any help that you can give.

You aren’t getting a code.

All codes that needed to be sent out, have been. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but MS’s records tell them that everyone eligible has been sent a code at least once, if not 3 times.

As far as the maps go, it is supposedly a free trial and people who have downloaded them free will lose access after the 18th.

Or not, depending on your interpretation of MS’s vague cover-up excuse.