343 If you know the people want...

If you know the people want, why not give it?

DMR not like, news designs are horribles. Campaign lineal and without big stages…

Why don´t make a equilibrate multiplayer like Halo 3? whit designs of Halo 3 and Reach, without perks and loadouts?

I don´t understand.

Because it’s not as simple as slapping the keyboard a few times and then pressing the upload button.

It’s not that simple.
While there are a few issues that could be dealt with easily, there’s a lot of paperwork and all of that jazz that these folks have to deal with.
Not to mention the possibility of appeasing one group and upsetting another.

It’s not like they have a big red button that will fix everything. Adding things and changing game elements takes time.

Besides, no matter what any developer does to their game, there will always be that one group who hate it.