343, if you do one more good thing...

…Make Halo 2 Anniversary with original multiplayer. I know there are a TON of threads that are talking about this, but mine is from a slightly different perspective. I got Halo 2 after the LIVE servers were shut down. I played through the campaign, and I still do a lot. It’s my favorite campaign by far. As you probably realized, I never got to play Halo 2’s MP. There are a lot of people with similar situations. All I ask of 343 would be to plop a fresh coat of paint on Halo 2A’s multiplayer and call it a day. That’s all we need. I think a lot of people would buy it even if they didn’t restore the multiplayer. Heck, I think people would pay just to get the old servers back (for Xbox). My PC isn’t capable of running 2, so I’m stuck. The best service that 343 could do for the gaming world right now would be to show them how their precious online multiplayer got its start. With Halo 2. They did great with CEA’s campaign, but multiplayer was lackluster. If Microsoft lets 343 breathe a little on this one, it could get done, and I guarantee you that the population of Halo 2A would outnumber Halo 4. That’s probably a bad thing for Microsoft, but it would still sell a bunch of money. From what I hear, Halo 2 was great because it was simple and chaotic at the same time. No dumb AAs, armor mods, armor, or weapon skins. Just a clean, everybody-starts-on-the-same-level kind of MP. They could maybe paint the patched, no sword-fly version and people would still be happy as long as that’s all they changed. For the marketing campaign, they could appeal to slightly older gamers who haven’t played Halo since 2 using nostalgia as their weapon. I respect 343 for acknowledging that they broke Halo MP and they are attempting to kind of fix it in 4. But Microsoft won’t let them change it back all the way for 5 and beyond. So if 343 wants to hold on to their long-time fans, then all they have to do to say “We still care about Halo’s roots” would be to bring back Halo 2’s multiplayer to the Xbox. Does anyone agree with this? Never mind that was a stupid question, of course you agree. Anything to add?

343 could do a huge service to their fans by bringing Halo 2’s MP once again to the Xbox.

I always thought Halo 2 should return because of my own personal nostalgia. I never really thought about the people that have never played Halo 2 online. I’m glad you would like to see the regular mp online vs having maps in H4 or H5. Either way Halo 2 needs remade one way or another.

I think CEA kinda got away with the whole not adding traditional mp considering the game wasn’t originally built for online. Halo 2 on the other hand wasn’t just built for online… It essentially started what is now xbox live. You can’t remake Halo 2 without remaking it’s most notable feature…

Yeah, I finally got to play Halo 2 Split-Screen tonight (sad I know) and I played Shotty Snipers on Coagulation with Sword Spawns and Slayer on Waterworks with BR/Carbine Loadout, Scorpions and Spectres. It was the most fun I’ve had in a Halo game. It was fun because we were all just racing to the power spawns and using those power weapons/vehicles to keep our supremacy. That’s what 4 lost. I so wish I had someone in my family that plays Halo, cause I’m sure we’d play everyday. :slight_smile:

Wait, if you say Microsoft won’t let 343 change them back. What makes you think they’ll allow them to bring back Halo 2 multiplayer and it’s servers?

> Wait, if you say Microsoft won’t let 343 change them back. What makes you think they’ll allow them to bring back Halo 2 multiplayer and it’s servers?

I just figured that the odds would be better that Microsoft would be more wary about reverting its premiere Halo game versus one that was already made.