343, I thought we learned this in Halo 5; Rumble Pit/FFA no work so good with 8 Players

With the exceptions of some BTB FFA or certain modes.

8 players puts too many people in too small an area thereby creating too much chaos and too much action; no breathing room, reprieves or ability section out encounters and control them better. You barely have time for shields to start recharging at all, much less recover before you’re set upon by your next enemy when it’s 8 player FFA.

6 Players is really the sweet spot for FFA (with the exception of certain maps and special modes), and Infinite could really benefit from going back to that please.


Did they change it? I swear i remember FFA Slayer having 6 players

Rumble Pit has 8 players.

Nah Rumble Pit should stay with 8 players. Its been 8 players in every Halo game even in Halo 5 for a little bit. But what they need to do is add other gametypes besides the normal. Like Mosh Pit KOTH, Shotgun Slayer, Rocket Slayer, Sword Slayer and so on like the old days.

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Wasnt Rumble Pit / Lones wolves always 8 players, it was 8 in Halo 3 wasn’t it (altho 6 was enough if it couldn’t find other players IIRC)?

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The only party game modes except for Fiesta, and I can’t play them with my friends. I mald.