343 - I think releasing a roadmap would help with a lot of the anger some people have

Nearly every match I’m in somebody has bought a HCS skin! Eventually the community (they won’t agree with me) will accept this practice and reigns will be loosened to accommodate this iterations features.

Just like they did in five when the shop first appeared. People complained but eventually it was if it was okay.

Microsoft tested the waters back then and realised this was feasible!

Forget anger, before I buy a game or choose to invest a significant amount of time into it I just want to have a decent idea of whether or not I’m going to regret it later LOL


I think people are okay with the shop. The problem most people have is the prices. $20 for a helmet an attachment and maybe a pose is just way too much. The shop will stay, but they should hopefully lower the prices or at least make the bundle actually worth the $20.

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I understand the rage about other store items, but esport items are literally purchasable in any competitive video game

They will if enough people refrain from buying in.


And so they should be if the players are benefiting.

Sadly it would only be a temporary solution.

the current frustration would be replaced with one of two things;

  1. people complaining how far away [insert thing here] is
  2. people complaining if 343 ever have to make a change to it due to some unforeseen thing causing a delay.

If implemented well with enough flexibility I think this is an excellent suggestion and well in keeping with best practice elsewhere in the industry, especially with live service games

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The game’s great. Sure there’s a few things to work on but why are players angry? I don’t get it. The Reddit being shutdown the other day was pretty shocking.

A roadmap would be nice though.

A road map would definitely be really nice and it would definitely help out people would start to relax a little more because they can see a list of the things that are being fixed and will hopefully most likely see something that they have a problem with on the list being fixed but with us not knowing at all what’s being worked on really doesn’t help

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Because FTP monetization on cosmetics is a shock to the system. People are afraid that they won’t get anything for playing without paying, even if they payed for campaign. Which in a way they are right because spoilers spoil everything and apparently campaign doesn’t really offer any kind of armor rewards for achivos so eh whatever. I know they plan to give away more samurai armor and other themed armor during events. But that hasn’t seemed to help.

It is what it is.

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Why do the real posts like this one not get noticed as much

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Promise a timeline and they’ll just upset more people when that timeline needs to inevitably shift.
It’s not a good idea.

Complaining about how far away is better than screaming because you don’t think you are being heard or there is nothing on the horizon.

Just saying they were always going to get complaints. But this is kinda “go away heat”.


Good idea.


Knowing what to expect is important for a community.
Otherwise we get all freaked out and and grab our pitchforks so hard we shutdown reddit.

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I don’t want to come off like a Yoink, but what exactly have they been transparent about? Because from where I’m sitting it looks like they’re waiting till the absolute last second to give us information that they know will disappoint and have us questioning whether or not this game is truly finished or not. It all started last year with the graphics issue, then a year of silence. Then they show us multiplayer not 4-5 months ago, of which EVERYONE and their mother noted the absence of assassinations. Which they had to come and tell us aren’t in the game. Now co-op, now forge, now REPLAYABLE missions in campaign which releases literally tomorrow. Transparent would be being upfront about everything as soon as possible. Just outright saying “Look, it’s not a done game. We’re sorry, we messed up.” I’d respect that more. But waiting till Microsoft rips the keyboard from under your fingers before you tell us bad news. And slick stuff like making Joseph Staten do all the bad announcements because he’s a built in personality that we all love from the golden era of this franchise. Just seems like things are being hidden. I don’t care how much someone SAYS they’re being transparent. Because it’s apparent to me they are playing this close to the chest. Which is fine. But don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting.

Idk, man. I’m excited. I’m sure I’ll love this campaign. But this has been five months of hype followed by disappointment. And to call them transparent seems like a stretch.

“We need to see where assassinations play into things”

" We need to see where slayer plays into things"

Sounds an awful lot like “We’re not even close to done and we’re freaking out.”


Well, I believe all of this was preventable, to a degree. Either introduce the roadmap or simply, and IMHO it’d soothe most of our ires, have a list with specific issues/feedback that has been acknowledged so far.

My view is that most people would for the most part be satisfied in the current atmosphere if they knew simply knew what’s on the list of things they talk about or are considering, instead of piecemeal replies to certain issues while the rest are unknowledged or not stated.

I don’t think they even have an internal roadmap for the developers to follow fam.

Missing game modes on launch, no forge, gameplay and network issues, no playable Sangheili. It doesn’t really look like a well planned situation to me.

Roadmap for all the cash shop cosmetics? Cause they definitely do have that ready to go!!

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No…this stinks of Anthem