343 - I think releasing a roadmap would help with a lot of the anger some people have

Releasing a roadmap of what’s going to be fixed and how long it might take and when you plan on introducing playlists and maybe new modes and maps I think would go a long way in settling some of the anger. As is I think a lot of people are angry because we don’t know when stuff will be fixed or when we are going to get new content.

I’m not saying you have specifically explain what events are or what type of maps you’re going to be releasing, but giving us a timeline on when we might see the stuff would help wonders so we know what’s coming and that the stuff we have issues with are being worked on.


I think the biggest issue is that there are a lot of question people have, and while the PR team is doing the best they can, people are just left of to come up with their own explanations and theories on things.

A roadmap would help a lot with the discourse.


I agree. I commend 343 for being transparent, but they are being transparent like a foggy window. They keep saying “changes are coming, but take time”. This worries me that the changes they are making haven’t even begun production yet and are still just being discussed. I would hope they eventually release more detail and extend that detail out into the end of season1.


Great idea. Unfortunately, there is NOTHING 343 can do that will satisfy the ones making the most noise here and Reddit.


I know, right?! God forbid they have meetings, and set a list of priorities. Why aren’t they just flipping the switch?

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even a rough roadmap that is subject to change would be nice so long as it addresses our concerns and the promises they made.

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Yeah just something that lays out what’s being worked on, what’s coming, what’s going to be done first and a rough estimate on when it might be released.

If people know the stuff is being worked on and they can see when it might be available I think will help settle some of them down because as is we’re just kinda left here with “it’s being worked on” and no real timeline or idea of exactly what’s being worked on right now.


Probably not, but it would help.

No idea why this isn’t standard practice for GaaS developers.


It wouldn’t. Just look at what happens around here as soon as someone like Ske7ch puts out a Tweet or something. It’s dissected and broken down to insane levels and theories.


I agree.

This is a massive change for most of the community. There needs to be a lot more transparency about the future. Give a detailed list on the upcoming items for the store a week in advance. Give a list of the upcoming capstone rewards so that players can plan. Give a full list of the season themes and Fracture themes.


Why do you think you’re owed anything? This attitude is hysterical.

I am not owed anything.

I don’t care about anything besides the game doing well. I just understand how marketing works.

There is a road map of events in game. Swat/ffa/fiesta/snipers etc will be implemented into those events. Then in Season 2 a new system maybe introduced depending how this one goes between now and March. Sketch said all this in his statement.

The weapon sandbox may experience tweaks as we go like it always has done in the past.

I can imagine they might do sales to combat high prices in the shop. But I’m pretty certain no major fixes will happen between now and March. All in my opinion of course.

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Well they kinda did then pulled that all from us with a paywall… not to mention a lot of the stuff doesn’t exist, I think I didn’t see all the released trailers, so I’m only going off of mostly what i’ve seen people say and what little i have seen, and my current expierince in the game.

This should have been marketed before his statement. Outside of here. Give away the information for the first 2 seasons if you have to. You need to generate more hype and convince the community you aren’t trying to make it up as you go along.

I would suggest some sort of ‘winging it’ is going on by the uppers or they didn’t want us to know. They needed people to buy the battle pass without really looking what was in it.

I think there plan is working perfectly.

I don’t disagree at all.

I have seen a lot of suckers running around while playing.

agree, people keep complaining about the same things so a clear road map could quell people if what they are mad at is on the list so to speak

While roadmaps are cool they are well annoying, as 99% of the time they are inaccurate and wrong by the end of their map.

Roadmaps are showing the goals before people know if they work.

that said, a roadmap would be useful as long as it is made clear that some features might not arrive in the state they appear on the map .

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