343, I need your help!

My husband bought me the Halo 5 Bundle that came with the Digital Deluxe Game download (Game, Warzone REQ Bundle & Series) and the Chief/Locke Statue. We also purchased the Halo 5 Xbox, which came with another Digital Deluxe Game download. The whole goal was for the both of us to play Halo 5 together and each have the Warzone REQ bundle.

However, I made a mistake. I entered both codes under MY gamertag instead of one on mine and one on my husband’s. With both games on my account, he cannot play the game if I am signed in on our other console, and he cannot use the second Warzone REQ bundle.

I have tried to receive help from Microsoft, but they informed me that on 343 and HaloWaypoint can help with this issue. Please help me. My husband and I love Halo, and this is a HUGE mistake that I have made (not to mention expensive if I have to purchase the game a 3rd time).

Please Help Me!!!