343: I love the new playlist setup

343 Industries:

The decision to split the playlist into discrete units was brilliant. I love slayer, but I’m not so keen on Slayer Pro. In Halo 3 & Reach I would often get in voting lobbies where people would vote Slayer Pro which would end up with me playing out the match only half-heartedly. This will never happen now!

This new playlist system is brilliant for everyone involved. 343, you got to refine the gametypes the way you wanted, knowing the precise amount of players involved; players get to be super-selective about what they want to play while still getting to vote on maps.

Speaking of which, I like all the maps across the board. I feel like I’m in the minority on this next point–I actually liked Reach–but I do agree with those who said the maps were not great. These new maps are really cool–they are easy for first-time players to navigate but they seem to have enough nooks and cranies for experienced players to utilize. They’re big, they have personality, you can navigate from point A to point B quickly.