343: I like Halo 4

For a variety of reasons, this is shaping up to be my favorite Halo game.

People on these boards all seem to have their pet issues. Some of them seem legitimate, some not so much. This makes me think that the people that enjoy halo 4 are simply playing it; those who have beef are posting here.

However, one thing that I have not seen many people discuss is the refinement in systems related to waiting. Load times in campaign are practically non-existent; loading a map in a custom game takes about 3 seconds. At the end of a MM match, the scoreboard comes up on the game screen instead of quitting out to a black screen first. You don’t even have to wait to respawn!

As someone who has more than a passing interest in User Interface Design and loves playing halo–but doesn’t love waiting–I love these new features.

Back whenever Halo CE came out on the original Xbox, I always told my friends “Epic gameplay, but epic load times.” Today we simply have epic gameplay.

I am sure it took a lot of engineers a lot of work to do it, and I’m appreciative.

I’m slowly making my way through the campaign–I just finished the 3rd mission tonight–because I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in MM. I love the DMR, the BR, the Warthog, the jetpack, Dominion, the new CTF, and more.

Thanks 343! I’ll be buying Halo 5.

I agree 100% this is the best. I love the tone of the campaign, the feel of the multiplayer, the game itself is beautiful. I have to say I’m glad bungie made Halo but now seeing what 343i has done, Bungie could have done a lot more with their games. Especially Reach and ODST.

Yes! Another positive topic. I too appreciate all the time and effort 343 put into this game and I hope that more people will be appreciative like you.

it might be too early to say but this might be my favorite also

Finally a positive post on this forum; I think Halo 4 is the greatest Halo game ever made.

I agree too. There sure is alot of hate and complaining on these forums. I was expecting the game to be utter crap since Bungie was no longer behind it, but 343 went WAAY beyond my expectations. Its no perfect game, but its damn good! A phenomenal accomplishment indeed. The campaign doesn’t seem as wide in scope as Halo 2 or 3 but then again I am only half way through. It DOES seem really well paced, and the character animations are just ridiculously good.

I too love this game. +1

IM a story guy, the campaign’s story was confusing and frustrating. game play was ok, sept for that death star level at the end.
the villain didn’t make since, nothing really fit smoothly together like in halo 1 2 3, but what i hated the most about this game… is that the took away cortana.

even though the chief just spent almost the whole time in halo 3 trying to get her back.

I love this game

I totally agree this is my favorite Halo game both campaign and multiplayer.

you guys said it all this is a great game i have not had this much fun with a game in a long time. love the new things that were added and i think its the game of the year. i will be playing for a long time.

noobs are gonna love it cause you can kill everyone in a couple shots even easier then CoD. It’s like babies first MP game.

Hey, great to hear from other people that like it!

There were so many negative posts I decided to make my own positive one :slight_smile:

Its definitely my 2nd favorite halo game (h2 being my no.1) i think certain tweaks probably need to be made in certain areas but overall i think 343 has done an excellent job