343, I have total faith in you

After the first inkling of Halo 4 news, I was worried. I was afraid that you hadn’t learned from Reach, or decided that what Reach did was good. But this week’s bulletin erased my fears completely.

Why? Everyone knows that you haven’t said anything. There is still a lot up in the air, but two sentences stand out for me. “As with the above, you will have complete control with this in custom games” and “Sprint does not mean lower base movement speed. We looked to Halo 3 as the basis for this” (or something along those lines). These show that 343 knows what it’s doing, what worked in Halo, what didn’t work, and why Reach failed. Furthermore, we have even further expanded custom game uptions.

If these basics are an indicator of what’s to come (namely, true Halo gameplay–evolved with the option to go back) then I don’t care how much you evolve gameplay with AAs and loadouts. The game will be fun.

Thank you.

It will be fun for us all.
Competitive, Casual, we will all get a say in H4! ^^