343: how your doing so far (in my mind)

Let me start out by saying to all of you who think Halo 4 is going to be a terrible game: zip it. I believe 100% that 343 knows how much they have on their shoulders and that the gaming community will rip them a new -Yoink- if they don’t get this right, so I firmly believe that they will purely due to the fact that if they don’t, they’re screwed. Anyways… Though there is a substantial amount of information circulating the web right now I must say that 343 really is keeping us in the dark. Yes, I know you guys want to build anticipation but IT’S KILLING ME. For everybody that says your ruining the game, they really can’t talk because they haven’t seen anything. I have a multitude of positive things to say, and a handful of negative things to say, so bear with me: 1: The one thing that has caught my attention was your release of the statement that you will be inproving forgeworld. This pleases me :stuck_out_tongue: I for one quite like forgeworld and it is one of the biggest reasons that I play reach and Halo 3. I really want to see more on what you are doing with that, because I don’t think the gaming community has really put too much attention into that matter. 2: I’m going to have to say how I fell about the new Cheif. Between halo 1 and 3 he was such an epic figure. Everything about how he looked and sounded was incredible…perfect. From what I’ve seen in the first trailer and the figurines, he’s not looking so hot. I know you guys have a reason for this and it’s tradition to change him, but he’s not looking so epic anymore. I feel as if you guys are trying to make him look badass or something, and that really isn’t who chief is. He is an emotional and inspiring cahracter (by far the best ever produced by gaming). 3: The new music is…eh. In my mind nothing will ever beat the original halo theme, but you guys could at least try to make it similar. Again, I know you are trying to make something new and fresh, but the new theme doesn’t sound like halo at all whatsoever. I hope you guys can improve that because music is one of the most epic traits of halo. 4: The first look trailer was incredible. there is not one thing I saw that I didn’t like. It seems like chief looked a little better and the new BR looks fantastic. The lighting on the maps you showed was fantastic. The only thing that was a bit odd was that at one part the player meleed someone from behind and there wasn’t an assasination. There better be assasinations in halo 4 because they’re just…cool I guess. And if someone is complaining about how they take too long then they can shut it, because you can still do the normal melee by tapping B. 5: I’m skeptical about armor abilities. I know there will be at least traces of them in halo 4 and I hope you don’t completely take them out, because everybody who stuck with halo through reach (including me) is used to them now. However, they need to be tweaked. Jet pack, sprint, and hologram are all fine, but armor lock just plain needs to go and invisibility and evade need to be nerfed. No comment on bubble shield, because that pretty much dissapeared from the game a while ago anyways. I have a feeling that armor abilities are going to be like powerups from halo 3, where you don’t spawut you pick them up like normal weapons. I kinda like that idea, but that’s just speculation.6:The thing I’m scared about is the possible loss of marines and covenant in the story and multiplayer. For one, the marines have always been in my heart through all of the halo games and it wouldn’t be the same without them. So far I don’t see where they would find their way into the story, which makes me sad. The same goes for the covenant. They left at the end of halo four, which is a good conclusion to the story…but for me it might ruin things for halo 4 (if you take them out, that is) I was never a big fan of the flood levels, and saw halo as a sort of humanity versus covenant sort of thing, but that’s just me. The message I really want to get across though is this: You can’t completely take out the covenant stricly because of multiplayer. Halo online would never be the same without the ghost, energy sword, or needler. The core covenant weapons are building blocks for multiplayer, and I just can’t see the game without them. I hope you guys have a solution for this. 7: One last thing I want to say is that the initial trailer was incredibly weak. Yes, it built mystery and made people want to see more, but looking back at the reach, halo 3, and odst trailers, it didn’t compare. I really hope the campaign is nothing like the qualities that you displayed in the trailer. The cliche action-y big splosions and creepy music was really dissapointing. Every halo trailer I’ve seen before this one has given be chills (deliver hope and the halo 3 90 second spot are by far the best.) The halo trailers and games are action packed and full of adrenaline rushes, however they also have those points that demonstrate humanity’s will to survive and the desperate will to become victor. Call me a nerd, I don’t give a -Yoink-, but I freakin cried the frist time I beat Halo 3. I hope Halo 4 does the same thing, or seriously guys, someone at 343 is gonna pay 3:). That aside, however, don’t listen to what the fanboys say. From what I see, you aren’t ruining halo (yet?). You’re doing ust fine from hwat I’ve seen, and I am really looking forward to buying 2012’s game of the year. I just read this thing and realized that I pretty much ust wrote a book, and that I said a lot of negative things, but whatever, it’s halo…this game deserves to be written about. Do us proud, 343. Seriously though, or I will find you.