343: How to fix Custom Games w/copy and paste


Copy and paste code for flood

call the new gametype “Infection”. Let us modify the loadout options and default weapon for the Flood. Remove the flood appearance and sound ambience. Done.


Let us disable sprint. Don’t act like you don’t have that ability. Sprint gets disabled a lot ingame when a black screen occurs AND floods have sprint disabled, so we KNOW you have that option to enable or disable it. Give it to players. Done.


VIP or Race. Either of those will work. Copy and paste from Halo Reach and edit what is ncessary. Enough of this game’s code is borrowed/lifted from Reach that compatibility really shouldn’t be too hard.

Do these 3 things and you will ressurect custom games and make people want to play Halo 4 lobbies with their friends.

ITT: Post your suggestions to “fix” customs.