343, how am I supposed to progress the BP when I can't pick my gametypes?

Because apparently you removed Oddball from Quick Play and Ranked as soon as you gave me the “Complete 3 Oddball Matches” challenge. The last two days playing for 3 hours each I haven’t seen Oddball until just now.

I’m actively trying to advance your BP, but you’re not letting me.

Its a pretty basic idea guys; if you require specific modes for Challenges, you let people queue up for just that mode or a playlist where you have a high probability of getting that mode.

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Regardless if it was an oversight or by design to throw every mode available into one playlist & then have challenges that require a certain mode, it’s a terrible thing and sucks that we can’t even play Slayer if we wanted to

We need mode-specific playlists ASAP.

Yeh their choice of going with limited playlists seems a weird one to me, considering they have a good system to replicate already, that being the MCC match composer.

I’m hoping we’ll see something similar in infinite eventually and it just wasn’t ready for launch…