343, Here's What Needs to Happen Before 2013

Granted, a lot of you think much more needs to happen, and perhaps you’re right. But here’s what I want to see first:

Forge maps along with Crimson DLC
Face it, 343. Never before have I seen such a lack of variety in a launch state. Three maps aren’t gonna cut it. We need some creations from the community. Include some in the matchmaking update when Crimson releases.

Make SWAT Permanent
Quit beating around the bush. I know you guys like to have as many paragraphs as possible in your little weekly Matchmaking Updates, but SWAT has performed consistently high since it released. Stop telling us “it’ll remain for another week”, “it’s staying for one more week”. Just make it permanent already. As of now (1AM on the east coast) it’s pulling higher numbers than SEVEN of your other permanent playlists: Dominion, Regicide, Flood, CTF, Oddball, KotH, and TS Pro)

Give us true FFA
Regicide in it’s current form is nothing but a chaotic VIP mode. The upcoming Team Regicide will be the VIP we all know and love, but we need traditional FFA, and Regicide is the farthest thing from it.

Matchmaking Preferences
I don’t even know what to say here. Why search preferences weren’t included is an indication that someone needs to be fired.