343 HELP ME spend money in your store!

There is truly no reason for the fact that this game has been out for less than a month and we are ALREADY seeing repeat bundles in the store. I mean the reach jump jet pack is back in the store for what the third time now as of today?! I could understand it if we were 5 to 6 months down the road in this game. But it hasn’t been out a month. Why are we getting repeat stuff in the store?

I check daily because I’d really like to buy one of the 5-7 dollar bundles. They offer the most value currently imo (I’m not going to spend more than that based on the value currently offered in the 10-20 dollar bundles) but as of yet, there hasn’t been a bundle of that price that had something in it that I want. So it PISSES me off when I log into the store just to see the same daily bundle I’ve seen three times already when I WANTED to potentially buy something else? Like who is the braindead person running the store at 343??

Sorry for the rant but man is it annoying


There’s a lot of things to get annoyed about in the game but this ain’t one of them lol

I haven’t spent anything in the store as it’s not the way I want to see halo go so I don’t want to offer support for the idea

That said, someone said they’ve spent half a billion on this game so they need your money !!

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I don’t like the way it’s going either but infinite is F2P regardless of if we like it or not.

I’ve only spent $10 on the battle pass. And I’d have spent another $1-200 if the value of the bundles was worth the price. I’m just annoyed because I know there’s TONS of unreleased stuff ready to hit the store but we are getting repeats already? Like let me give you my money 343 come on!


I don’t even bother checking the store on a regular basis. Why waste my time when I know the prices are at least double what I’m willing to pay. I’m willing to give some money to 343, but the value isn’t there imo.

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Which is a shame really. If the prices were at 40-50% cheaper I have no doubt 343 would be REALLY making the big wigs at MS happy

To be honest, I bought a Sentinels skin (which I love) when the game first launched, and the battle pass and other unlockables have become nearly useless. Since you can’t really mix-and-match with the armor kits, if you can get a hold of just one you like then the rest just doesn’t even matter. The HCS kits are by far the only things worth purchasing.

See I wouldn’t even go that far. To me the HCS skins are the worst of the worst. 10-20 bucks for a static coating on a static kit? What a rip off

All I want is for 343 to not put repeated bundles in the store until at least season 2

Yeah, I was quick to purchase and didn’t realize how locked in you were with a set and how you couldn’t customize using any of the individual pieces. Still, $10 didn’t seem too bad for a whole set and a BR skin. That said, I certainly won’t be purchasing another thing now that I have a better understanding of the customization options.

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Copying a snipet from previous post of mine:

_ I think the “heros” part of “Heros of reach” keeps throwing people off as far as what SHOULD be in the pass but honestly, with just 3 cores out in just the first two months they have a lot of sort of "tastes’ to cover and that datamine proved they KNOW this. _

At first glance of the store datamine seems like way too little to NOT get thru it in a month or two before recycling a lot but the biggest “twist” for this store was the unknown rarity that items in bundles were being given and the weekly cycling of “lengendary” & “Epic” bundles VS the daily cycle bundles

It’s the stacking of value of rarity in these bundles that cannot be perceived ahead of time (even with the datamine in mind) that makes things like the Fire & Frost bundle a slap to the face when it first showed. Especially since its presented with default MK.VII items aside from the agathius shoulders (which are free,not default) and doesnt give any other sort of indication that the armor coating included is in fact made to work on the other 2 existing cores…VALUE (perceived)

heres my list: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11gghcq1RG72n4dvJjXBF2lG60qkEF0Dz/view

not all the way up-to-date but checking them off the list as i see them. Take note of how the store previews are presented with some combination of stances, visors, coatings, armor, ect present and not present (or default).

We have yet to see it but that shiny Gold Blue coating of a Mark.Vii crossing their arms, i bet, will be the very same pitch as the recent Fire & Frost set. Coating on all 3 cores, gun coats and some emblems/banners for a 2,000 coin price.

But to OP’s point, I cant believe it took this long for both the “Got game” bundle and “citrus ink” coating bundle to make it to the store but 500 coins for only Hogs, Geese, and rzrback coats with one accessory while its 700 coins to get a playing card strapped to any spartans helmet along with the most unnecessary use of an elite controller I’ve ever seen in my life, as a gun charm. Dunno what i expected but it certainly wasnt the numbers.

edit:sorry for the essay

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Thats some serious digitally weaponized OCD right there if they are in an armor hunting mode since Infinite’s MP has released.

I’m looking forward to more store options also. Only one or two dailys isnt much to choose from, plus there’s many repeats. Also the issue of everything only being for one core isn’t great.

I’m sure the store will improve when they make more things to be sold. Hoping for festive event items, too.


Yup. Exactly my point. Having repeated stuff in the store before the game is even a month old is embarrassing. Like we’ve had the bacon and pizza weapon charms in the store TWICE already. Like give us some cool universe fitting charms before you sell us pizza twice for seven bucks for Christ’s sake


I don’t see how this is even important or how it’s going to improve anything knowing as of right now the shop is dictating the direction of the entire game.

The reach jump pack is also reselling you the color red, Scarlet wake is the same red as Scarlet skies. They just lock the colors down to the core so you have to buy the same red twice if you want it for both armor cores.

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Honestly dude The bots have universal cross core customization and the players are locked out of that feature.

343 did this so they could per peice sell us everything to specific items to make maximum profits from the least amount of content possible.

Smiles kukri shoulder pad will be sold separately on a bundle. With let’s say a new shade of color green.

Than they will resell the same shoulder pad just a MK7 variant of it in a separate bundle with the same shade of green. It renamed.

This is going to be their marketing plan with cosmetics
You won’t get new stuff just recycled content resold to you per peice even though cross core customization is in the game just locked to us.

Read my other post but this is going to be their gameplay .
1: they locked cross core customization/ coatings. The bots have it, but we don’t.

2: they are reselling us the same color. Ex: scarlet wake red was sold and locked to MK7. While Scarlet skies,( in the store again) is the same red but locked to the reach armor. - this and 1 go hand in hand. The intended it to not be universal so they can do scummy stuff like this.

3: they advertise a bundle as 11 items but that iron man one has 5 items… 3 of the same armor core, 1 coating locked to one gun, 2 of the same coating locked to specific guns. A pose, and 4 of the same emblem locked to 4 specific things.

They are not being creative and probably don’t want to push all their stuff out because than they will run out of stuff to last them their 10 yr game span

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Scrap the game, its utter non sense. People are such imbeciles defending this system.

agreed seems like lack of content

I’m so close to buying the cat ears, but only because it’s the only item in the store I’ve seen some (comical) value in.

One of the most common arguments against the store is FOMO, but personally I have yet to even see something I’d feel upset missing out on.

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Could be a glitch or even a manual shift, I’m fairly certain given all the leaks there’s more than enough content that could be circulated in and out.