343 HELP! Just got off phone Xbox support...

I made a post about this and received from tips from other posters but nothing has helped.

It is another problem with Specializations, and I just got off the phone with an agent at XBox Support who was also unable to help me, and told me to make a post here asking for help from 343.

I purchased the Limited Edition of “Halo 4” on launch day and everything was fine. I had access to all additional content including the Specializations.

Sometime between the 12/06 update and the release of the Crimson Map Pack, I have lost access to all of the extra Specializations and can only see the base 2 (Wetwork and Operator).

I have taken every one of these steps SEVERAL times and had no luck:

-deleted all Halo 4 content from my HD and re-installed/downloaded everything

-deleted and re-downloaded my profile

-cleared the harddrive cache and rebooted the system

-re-downloaded the Infinity Actual Kit and the Specialization Priority Alpha “free gift”

The weird thing is, if I turn on Halo 4 while OFFLINE (not connected to Xbox Live) I can see the specializations.

It’s when I fully log on with my account that they suddenly disappear.

My Xbox handle is megladon8

Please help me! This is frustrating!

I too have lost all of my specializations since last Tuesday and the xbox live marketplace STILL doesn’t acknowledge I have the LE edition and prompts me to buy the war games pass every time. It’s been a week since the maps were released, I was hoping these issues would of been fixed by now.

Yeah, I adore the “Halo” universe and what 343 has done with it, so this is really discouraging as I will be getting to the specializations in a matter of days and I wanted to go with one that wasn’t one of the base 2.

I hope they have a game update/patch coming to fix this problem. Not being able to access content I paid for is pretty sucky.

What is going on 343??? I to have LE and lost my map pass…please fix soon!

I saw this recommendation posted in the Matchmaking section.

I have not had the opportunity to test it (though I probably will eventually, if this bug isn’t fixed), so I cannot guarantee that it works or that it is safe. For players who can’t stand to play without getting XP, it may be worth a try.

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That thing happend to me, but it fix the next day.
Are you using another Hard drive or USB…?

I just use my harddrive.

Specializations still aren’t back.

I hope 343 is working on this.

So…any fixes for this yet, 343?

I’m still without the specializations I got with my LE.