343 have some explaining to do

As much I love Halo and it’s awesome campaigns. This one in Halo 5 was a lot more confusing than previous titles, even halo 4. Firstly, 343 made wrong calls by putting chief aside and forcing this new character we care absolutely nothing about. I understand chief getting captured…but it’ll be more intriguing and nostalgic playing as chief up to that point of captured rather than a few missions and a bunch of cutscenes. Secondly, I don’t understand why push such grand ads for a year on Locke chasing chief and they gonna have this epic battle…and hunt the truth…yet there’s no epic moment and we still hunting for the stories true meaning in the game. Thirdly wrong calls taking splitscreen out (though I agreed with their decision) if they wanted halo fans to come back and stay they should’ve just tried to work around it.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the campaign it’s extremely fun, just confusing. I read the books up to halo 5 and still mostly confused. I need a clear up from 343.

I just don’t know why they would create such a large expanded universe, and then rely on knowledge of it for people to even know what is going on in the game (even then it is still kind of obscure) as opposed to creating a unique, easy to follow story arc for the games, and then using characters from the expanded universe to enhance the experience

Yeah I have no Idea why they would create such garbage of a story. All the hype for what? Bs that’s what…but overall the game is really fun…the multiplayer is my favorite yet, with some minor fixes and future additions that need to be made tho.