343 Has Ruined Halo

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Dear 343,
I hope all you dumb -Yoink- read this. Halo 5 matchmaking and campaign sucks -Yoink-. Might as well call it call of duty. Bring back halo 3 by bungie please. It is obvious you all do not know how to design a game tward the consumer. You have takin cod and added halo armor to it. The game is god awful and I wish I bought a ps4. I can’t play local co-op, there are only 7 playlists all of which such -Yoink-. You can now kick is for a day for quitting a game instead of giving the player the option to boot the player who betrayed them. I hope you all burn in hell with your -Yoink- -Yoink- game!

Piss off. Halo 5 isn’t perfect but it’s still a great game and a huge step in the right direction. Assuming they listen to fans Halo 5 could eventually be the perfect Halo. If you think it plays like COD you haven’t played it. Instead of being a negative -Yoink- try constructive criticism.

You know I was hoping that when I clicked on this it would be some constructive criticism, but no. It’s just a guy with a childish gamertag whining.with nothing to help him with his reason. He’s just like this game sucks and you need to go back to Halo 3 and how this is basically CoD. Well mate if you ask me. If you don’t like the game then leave. and if you think they need to go back to Halo 3 roots. they’re not going to. they’re modernizing it. and if you think this is just like cod. you obviously haven’t played cod enough.

… youre kidding right? just because the default scheme now has left trigger as zoom (Smart Scope) its considered COD… look if you hate the controller scheme so much switch it to Recon and you can play closer to the style of H3. Trust me when I say this is nothing close to CoD. I actually played Black Ops III and its kinda crappy… probably because it gets old too quick.

Local co-op was a bummer for me too, but it opened a door for new chances.

I looked at it the first time and hated it but I looked again and I realized why it’s like this. first off, 343i started the new Halo in a new game engine so there was room for new mechanics and mistakes

I think the betrayal boot is gone because people hated the random boot for an accidental betrayal, and the kick for a day is because 343 wants to reignite the competitive spirit, and they did. It isnt the best but it brought many fans back.

I felt like this game had plenty of hope after the beta, and its still getting better. 343 has an improvement over multiplayer vs H4’s mp, but in terms of story I saw a cliffhanger coming after I learned Cortana would have a part in the game… and even with it’s non-memorable and short campaign, I follow the story wanting answers, and I wont stop till i get them.

The matchmaking is fast-paced like it was meant to be… i get that people miss the social setting from Reach and 4 but this was so 343i could get back to what a majority of people wanted. I honestly dont care for ranks, I do care about having fun… kinda why there should be more social playlists cough cough Infection cough cough Grifball… anyway this was a success.

It isnt good as Halo 3, but it definitely has hit as a major peak in 343i’s career. Im actually happy they made the game somewhat simpler by just having weapons, a player and his abilities, none of that loadout stuff or the multiple amounts of useless abilities. This was the Halo meant for the new generation, and they want fast and simple like the other Halos were. we dont need special armor abilities or loadouts to play Halo. All you need to play Halo is you. It doesn’t matter what happens next, I’m at least going to see the Master Chief’s story to the end.

The last thing we need right now is somebody whining about how Halo Sucks. If you think it’s bad, play CoD Ghosts, CoD AW and CoD BO3. Ive played them all and they all get boring after enough time.

Halo is something that I love coming back to. I always want to come back… even if my other friends hate H5. I at least come back to forge a map or two… even with the complex forge I’m fine with it. the truth is that Halo isn’t going to die, it wont go out without a fight, Like Sammuel-034, Like Sergeant Forge, Like the Master Chief of all people. They all fought, so 343i is going to keep fighting to make the best Halo they can. but if they want it to work, they need time, and thats something I hope microsoft gives them.