343 has outdone themselves good job!!

wow good job 343, you have not only impressed myself but by the looks of it the whole community, confirming race, KOTH, reach granade launchers, AA wraiths, 650 new forge items, 2 new forge canvises, reach helmets such as EOD, CQB, operator, EVA and the others, mini games (such as battle golf which looks awesome) a custom games browser, hannible and oni wasp, awesome and funky gun skin, -Yoink!- assasinations and a new armour set that doesnt look half bad, and a sentinal beam. I am impressed you delivered a crap ton of goodness. Keep up the awesome work, and love seeing what your doin :slight_smile:

343i has done a great job. Now I am still hopeful even though I love Recon because of the vidmaster back in Halo 3 and ODST, but I would like to see CQC from Halo Reach as well make a return. That was my first helmet I picked to use during the Reach Beta I believe.

i agree!

even though i do give 343 crap for doing stuff i don’t like BUT they did great.

FINALLY! I’ve been saying for so long that 343 are good dev’s and listen to the fans! And the amount of time’s I’ve been shot down by people but finally, 343 have pulled through! So happy.