343 has Officially p****d me off!!

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343 you have officially made halo a terrible game!! What is this banning -Yoink-?? I quit a game today because my teammate in doubles left me and I get banned for it? This is the dumbest thing I have ever had happen to me on xbox live…I paid $100 dollars for this stupid game and $60 a year for live and you are going to ban me for my teammate quitting on me…Because of this I will never buy another game from you -Yoinks!- again!!! And if you don’t want people to quit your stupid game then do a better job at pairing us up with people on our skill level instead of putting us against people that are way to good at this game!!

How many times did you quit before you got banned?

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If you got a quit ban that means you quit a lot of games, so its you’re fault.

I looked at his profile and he quit 10 games in the last day or two.

I have quit one game in the last day or two, I have been lagged out of a couple and just plain booted from others for some reason. I don’t know if my internet connection keeps messing up or what but the only game I actually hit the quit button on was the team doubles game because my teammate left me first and then I started getting owned

> How many times did you quit before you got banned?


Ban Hammer has existed since Halo 2. Stop your crying and don’t quit, don’t cheat and guess what. You won’t get banned.

Not that hard people.

You won’t get banned if you drop out of games because of bad connection. The Ban Hammer can see this.

Being booted from a game for betrayal will count as a quit, so be careful, and if you do betray, make sure you have a Mic and apologize.

If I get betrayed, you pretty much know if it was deliberate if accident. I only boot if I was betrayed deliberately, and may even forgive the first betrayal but do it again. I will boot. I always warn the person after the first betrayal, so if he/she does betray again. They were warned.

Yeah quit ban is a little ridiculous in Halo 4, though i can understand why its there.Still, it has proven quite worthless in terms of stopping people from quitting since people know how many games they can quit by now.Since JIP is now in the game it really doesn’t need to be in the game anymore but i doubt they will remove either though they will most likely change up JIP.

All i can say is try your best to not quit and hope for a game with a good connection.That or simply deal with the 1 hour ban, then go do something else and just start anew.

Was that really needed OP? Whatever. Go ahead, unjustly blame and punish 343 for this.

I personally think the whole thing is kinda funny; no offense.