343 Halo 4 Firefight

IF you add Firefight to Halo 4, make it similar to Halo 3 ODST’s. IMO it was more fun than Reach’s. If you have Firefight Matchmaking, do NOT give the players a reward like Cr or anything that makes them rank up or something like that.

Yeah, Firefight was definitely better in ODST. Weapon drops were more useful, teamwork was required, and the enemies that appeared actually affected strategy.

In Reach, loadouts and Armour Abilities ruined the necessity of most aspects of Firefight: health packs, ammunition, and survivability. I remember throwing my Automag to ground in exchange for Plasma Rifles after running out of ammo. I remember coordinating who would exclusively use Needlers, Carbines, Plasma Pistols, power weapons, or whatever useful weapon we needed to dispatch Brutes, Drones, Hunters, and other enemies. I remember desperately running back to our health packs once I ran low on health. All of those memories of fun times are destroyed by ammo boxes, Drop Shields, Sprint, and loadouts that neuter Firefight’s difficulty.

Custom options are fine, but we need to have the classic Firefight experience. We need crates that contain limited ammunition, we need more varied waves (more vehicles, more Drones, more Hunters, more Engineers, etc.), and better maps.

A lot of the maps were too wide open. It was too easy for enemies to spread out and attack players in ones, twos, or - heavens! - THREES! On Alpha Site in ODST, the entire wave would stream in at once, Jackals providing cover with shields, Brutes rushing to smash us to death, Grunts throwing grenades or -Yoink!- themselves in fear, and Drones flying around and making us panic from the aerial doom-squad.

So yeah, Firefight in Reach was okay, but bring out the ODST goodness.

You know… you can still set up matches like those you describe. Use the Firefight customization options. Get together four players and play! You can customize just about everything. I think you can even turn off the ammo boxes, if my memory serves. No armor abilities? Off. No loadouts? Off.

Limited does recreate most of the ODST experience, just with ammo boxes.

Yeah, but then you don’t have the additional ammo for your primary weapons.

It’s nice to have SOMETHING to quickly dispatch Grunts and Jackals…

> Yeah, but then you don’t have the additional ammo for your primary weapons.
> It’s nice to have SOMETHING to quickly dispatch Grunts and Jackals…

The point is to make you use weapons from fallen enemies. It creates a sense of invasion and improvisation. Instead of oh hey im out of ammo lets run back to the base and grab some.

Reach FF was lame compared to ODST despite having more customization

OT: I thnk the waves should come at ever increasing difficulty and that the highest wave you complete should show up on your service record with one click like H3 ranks

This is very true. Firefight was a lot better in ODST.
In Reach it’s generally mindless killing.

Another thing that could really improve the whole firefight experience would be a severe cut in lag when playing online. But that’s much easier said than done. Get better internet speeds in America? lol