343 Guility Spark Quotes

There are some 343 guility spark quotes/dialogues that i couldn’t find anywhere, even on halopedia and similar websites, i couldn’t find them…

Specifically, during the Heretic leader’s boss fight in halo 2 ( not during the cutscene, during the actual fight) Gulity Spark talks about the flood and the threshold gas mine, unfortunately i wasn’t able to hear him well because of the constant explosions and the heretic leader on legendary is very dangerous, forcing you in cover away from guility spark

Anybody know what he says?

“This mining facility predates Installation Alpha by several hundred years. It was retrofitted to research possible offensive and defensive measures against the Flood. Indeed, I designed and oversaw the construction of this facility’s various outbreak management systems.” - When the Arbiter is fighting with Sesa 'Refumee.

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There must be at least one more quote from guility spark . He talked about the flood not surviving the station crash in the storm, near the end of the fight, can you find this one too pls?

“The Flood will not survive once this mine descends into the liquid hydrogen core of the planet. Then again, neither will we. What a pity…”

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Thank you!! I really appreciate your effort