343 get your heads out of your -Yoinks!-

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343 I’m so sick of you guys. if I could nuke your company I absolutely would do it right this second. you guys are morons, liars, and scammers who shipped a piece of crap in a box for 60$. you should make halo 5 a free game at this point because everyone gave you 60$ for a piece of broken crap, and three months later it’s still a piece of broken crap. what the -Yoink- are you guys doing?

i hop into matchmaking and just tear through everybody and dominate and it’s BORING because I can’t play anybody that’s my skill level because you didn’t put in a ranking system that works. you promised everyone you were bringing back the competitive ranking system, but level 1’s are playing against level 50’s, wtf is that -Yoink-? there is only 1 ranked playlist and it’s a 5v5 anniversary playlist, again, wtf is that -Yoink-? you put out a matchmaking update the other day and it was absolute -Yoink-. you switched swat for snipers?! are you kidding me?! nobody wants playlist updates, they want you to FIX THIS -Yoink-. stop wasting time making and testing playlists and fix the ranking system and all the matchmaking problems first you scrubs.

and for anyone who wants to come in here and support 343 and say this thread has been made over and over and to stop making them, you’re a bunch of morons too. you can all go throw your money at 343 and blindly support them if you want but you’re just gonna keep proving to game companies that it’s okay to screw over the consumers. every thread in here should be ripping 343 a new one because this is just -Yoink-. it’s been 3 months and there’s still no sign of this being a fixed game anytime soon. they deserve no praise or support so take your -Yoink- elsewhere.

Awesome, probably going to get banned for the nuke and banging wives comments but everything else is pretty much spot on.

I agree that 343 ripped us off with either greed, incompetence, or a cute mixture of both. That being said, you go a bit over-the-top here buddy. Tone it down a tad, and you might actually scrounge up some likes.

I could care less about their stupid ban hammer at this point. I’ll insult them all I can for insulting, lying, and stealing from their consumers and fans. I did take out the wives bit though.

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I hear you man, I agree that our “community manager” needs to get his head out off his -Yoink- and start informing us on what the hell is going on, instead of posting a weekly blog saying the words “upcoming future” or “cancelled” or “near future” in the same sentence followed by three paragraphs of vague nothing. A forum post would be nice or just something ANYTHING! Whats the point of these -Yoinking!- forums if 3fail3 never posts in them? Seriously. Hell even Bungie’s community manager is making more of an effort then this piece of -Yoink-.

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> I could care less about their stupid ban hammer at this point. I’ll insult them all I can for insulting, lying, and stealing from their consumers and fans.

I wish I could see 343 reading these posts and hear what their responses would be, they would have nothing to come back with.

Users on Halo Waypoint are wondering why 343i doesn’t communicate with them.

This thread is why: Threats of physical violence, rape, death threats, insults. Who in their right, mature, adult mind would want to reply to someone like this, or give them attention? If 343i even dared to reply to a thread like this, people would get it in their mind that they can get results with violence.

Violence doesn’t solve anything.

Please report this thread and move on without replying.