343 gave me an IV injection

Finally, they are giving us something. The community has been begging for information of any kind for far too long. At long last, some form of accountability.

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Yes, finally something. I’ll take it. Not all good news, but better than no news.

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what’s the news in question?



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wasn’t co-op supposed to come with season 2


I am glad they’re adding a new armour core as well as the Fracture. Plus confirms we are getting a cinematic story with the multiplayer Spartans. Nice that we are getting a Banished and Forerunner themed map as well.

If it’s like CoD, the multiplayer story probably takes place on those multiplayer maps. So means they will be running into the Banished and probably introducing the two new Spartan characters. Hopefully it answers some of the State of the Galaxy questions. Might not like the answers mind. :smile:

Shame about Co-Op but sounds like good news for Forge. Still don’t fully understand how can be that many issues for Co-Op.

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Delayed apparently

I hope its not like CoD in that the story just happens in a 45 second skippable cutscene with no gameplay. I want to actually participate in the story, not simply be told that its happening.

I feel like the dataminers would have spotted something if they were basically putting Spartan Ops in on the multi maps.

I wouldn’t say no. FYI.

It would be nice get at least one Infinity worth of CGI trailer. :wink:

Too little though, this will be the final nail for most players.

They are still not acknowledging the fact the netcode is straight up broken I see.

Great, here is to another season of being bilked for basic colours while we get shot round corners.

Poor Joe, he should have asked for a demo before signing on to the sinking ship that is 343.


Dude, when the heck is there going to be a progression system. I don’t have many desync issues anymore. They’re there, buts it’s very rare. This game seriously needs some content. May 3rd is already too far, and you’re telling me there won’t be a more intricate progression system by then?

When can we expect a Spartan rank, or a stats page? We’re already so bored of the maps we have that adding 1 map (in arena) is ridiculous. I mean…I understand it takes a lot of time, but this is something that should’ve been worked on long before multiplayer was released.

The only live service is the store, everything else is being treated like it’s a full price retail game. Actually even worse cuz halo 5 had more content.

I DO NOT want the devs to be working 70 hours or anything round the clock, but I feel like something’s gotta be done to get stuff out the door faster. Especially the more QOL types of things like progression and feeling like the player is earning things while playing matches. Stuff like XP towards a Spartan rank.

This game is great. But it’s rlly rlly missing the mark when it comes to content and keeping the players interest.

I was never really a big big fan of halo growing up tbh even tho I poured many hours into every title. It was just a game I’d play. But halo 5 and infinite kinda pulled me in. I know it might be the opposite for some people, but I’m enjoying halo much more now than before… I just want the game to succeed.