343: Found bug - Black Screen on WZ FF Load in

About every 4th or 5th game, my Warzone Firefight wont load in. Friends in my group (2 or 3 of us) will join the game. One of ours (usually mine) will have black screen with loading symbol spinning on the bottom left of the screen.

It costs us the boost, as well. All have 100 MB/s connections, hardwired, and have never had a connection issue with another game on PC or PS4 / Xbox (unless entire PSN / Xbox Live is down).

Am I alone in this or is this a known bug?

I have some additional details for 343, and I’m 99% sure I know the cause of this bug (shout out to the people in the Halo 5 forums that figured this out).

It’s the announcer pack that causes Warzone FF matches to not load (black screen). If you use any other announcer in Warzone other than the default, Palmer, your game has, roughly, a 20% chance of never loading (black screen with loading symbol at bottom left).

I regularly play WZ FF with 2 of my friends. I was the only one who wouldn’t load in roughly 20% of the matches. I even had troubles at one of my friends house in person (we both have great internet, but this was weird). I was the only one with the pack the first few weeks.

One of my other friends finally bought the voice pack (about time) about a week ago, and now it happens to him about 20% of the time just like me.

The friend that doesn’t have voice pack has never had it happen a single time.

If this is already known, please disregard.

Thank you,

The issue is in regular WZ as well.

I guess this one is already being worked on by 343. Should be fairly timely as it was a paid DLC.

Hopefully it’s fixed soon