343 For the love of God, fix the PING CONNECTIONS!

Your game is already suffering from ridiculous store prices and a immensive drop in players! You guys have left BTB broken since launch, and at the very least you’d think the MP servers would be playable. I have played 10 matches in a row on team slayer, and connected to a 60+ ping evey single time! I live in east coast US so Ik theres definitely serves here, and I’ve reset my internet and PC countless amounts of times! Fix your servers or you’re going to lose the very little people you have playing this game. I love Halo but this launch has been even worse than Guardians at this point!

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Don’t worry, we will get an update on that in Season 3! You can pass the time by checking out the new items in the shop for purchasing!


Where abouts on east coast US are you? The only east coast server is Washington DC, then you have Chicago, Iowa and Dallas covering the central areas, with Los Angles and Seattle covering the west coast.