343 focusing on Spartan Ops in last 19 days?

From what I was told, 343 is working on Spartan Ops now since Halo 4 is done . .

Since Spartan Ops isn’t rated it can be put out quicker, because it doesn’t need to go through the ESRB rating process.

I really hope this is the case, because from what is known officially about Spartan Ops, it makes the most sense for 343 to handle it, rather then a outside studio.

I also hope 343 handles the future map packs, but I have doubts about if they will . .

Certain Affinity is a good studio . .

I just would prefer 343 to make them so that continuity is kept in the map packs and Halo 4.

Bungie did a lot of map packs on their own, and they had less people then 343, and still do.

Of course Spartan Ops is rated. Any DLC or games must be rated. However if the DLC stay within the same limit as the main product they don’t have to go through ESRB once more. Except if they decide to add nudity, drugs and whatnot that may not find itself in Halo 4.

How does the ESRB rate downloadable content (DLC) or other content updates that supplement a game or app?

Downloadable content (DLC) often refers to additional content that supplements or extends an existing, previously-rated product. Many digital products, including video games and apps, will release subsequent updates or add-ons that expand the original product’s content. DLC or updates that will be appended to an existing, previously-rated product need only be submitted to ESRB for rating if their content exceeds that which is in the existing “core” product. Otherwise, the rating originally assigned to the core product is applicable to the appended content as well. Where, however, the content exceeds the rating assigned to the core product, it must be submitted to ESRB and a different rating may be assigned.

As for Certain Affinity. They did a better/great job in Defiant map pack while Bungie failed hard with Noble.

What do you all mean rated? Do you mean certified? Spartan Ops only needs to be certified if it will be on the Marketplace or if it was a Title Update (which I very much doubt). More than likely, 343i is finishing work on a probably day-one Patch, which I would hope Microsoft is already passing through certification, and working on Spartan Ops at the same time. I have a feeling that Spartan Ops will be downloaded from within Halo 4, however, which means no certification is necessary.

Dlc is usually complete before the game is even released. Mainly due to the fact that once the game goes gold- they are losing money every minute people are not working. So developers usually start on DLC the SECOND their game goes gold- if not before then.

I dont mind as it means that we wont have any screw ups with the release of Spartan Ops missions.