343 fix your invisibility it's too powrfull

every game there is the one person who ruins the experience for people by crouching in a corner with a shotgun or Boltshot with active camo. its getting frustrating and needs to be fixed especially on Objective games like Capture the flag which i am starting to like seriously instead of giving us these new gamemodes this week fix invisibility

There are more important things that need to be added or fixed. Invisibility is not one of them. If you die from people in a corner with invisibility with a shotgun, then I’m sorry for you.

I read the title.

First thing to come to mind.

"Your invisibility is to powerful! It’s blinding me! "

But to be on topic. No it’s not. No need to fix it

invisibility is underpowered. Your can be seen in pro vision. It drains fast you can be seen falling or going up a lift. And the “jammer” aspect is predicitible. People camp with camo because thats all its good for.

If they gave constant good camo regardless of crouching or sprinting and made it drain faster and recharge slower people would use it more offensively.

I use it to gain a vantage spot or to take out important things with little resistance.


I agree, Active Camo has been annoying the **** out of me.

Pssh, current invisibility is UNDERpowered if anything. Just look at you radar. If it’s scrambled leave the area. If not, your fine. Not so long ago (Halo 3) you could move at normal speed and be completely invisible with the sword, shotgun, whatever, and there wouldn’t be any scrambled radar to give you away.

> Powerful*


god thats bugging me.

I’ve seen players camouflaged without radar jam.