343 FIX YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE! LAGs like Hell today?

Whats wrong with your Server Infrastructure? Multiplayer, especially 3vs3 has been lagging alot lately. People are dropping randomly almost every game (atleast 1 of 6 ppl)
Every second game someone gets disconnected, sometimes it lags so hard you cant even use glassing beam, cause it gets invisible. Units are Warping / porting aroung. Its no Connection Fault so far - got 200 / 40 Mbit here, 14 millisecond ping to google, no packetloss. Toredo working fine (its a pitty its still needed - when will xbox live tools on win 10 be moved to full dual stack v4 / v6 adoption?) Still its lagging like hell, while discord / online radio works fine and even twitch streaming is no problem without lags (highend pc)

And then there is another bug: your game statistics seem to be wrong very often. Just compare this Screenshot, TeamcycloneDE dropped out like 5 min before game ending, still it says in the aftergame screenshot he got more supply then cyrax… Ingame it says 29 killed units for me, in game history on halowaypoint it says 61 units killed for me. so which one is wrong? See Screenshot: (compare both, its ingame vs halowaypoint)

How many years will you need to fix this? And playing in win 10 / pc: when will you fix the “units not reacting at gamestart, have to press f10” bug? it is as old as the game by itself. Xbox Players got lags too, or is it only hitting the windows 10 version again=?

I think several of the issues you listed could end up unresolved because of lack of manpower/resources.

Same experience here. I was happy some time ago because HW2 finally seemed to reach an acceptable technical state, but it is getting worse again.